You still believe cell phones are good? Think again…

Have you ever wondered what real use you do of your cell phone ? What I mean is what are the true instances where you really need it for a « real » conversion like an emergency, a situation when you need to reach someone on the spot or when the information that you have to communicate is really important? In a year, these situations happen maybe once or twice. After all, for millenia humans have lived without a cell phone and the universe didn’t stop. When the hard line phone was invented humans began to use it and for decades the need for the cell phone just wasn’t there…until the corporations came in. They made you believe that you needed this thing. And now that everybody has gone crazy about it, communication has never been so superficial and meaningless. Text messages, twitter and facebook commentaries sent by these phones have reached a level of stupidity unprecedented. And here, I am not even mentioning possible mind-control applications through this micro-wave technology that may be used against us, which is another subject by its own. This little cartoon from offers an humoristic but realist account of the situation. I found it thanks to the Peter B. Collins Show website. Sweet dreams…but close your cell phone, please.

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