Anti-semitic manifestation in Tunis

Who told you that manifestations in Tunisia and Egypt were ‘democratic’? Who told  you that Islamism, Jihadism and anti-semitism had nothing to do with these protests? Well, think again. The hatred and violence toward Jews in the Middle East is not a fantasy and an invention of conservatives and pro-war Americans. It is a fact. Hatred of Jews is built-in in the Arab culture and Islamism opens the doors wide open for it to come to the surface. Look at these protesters in front of the Grand Synagogue in Tunis. Do they look like great admirers of the Jews? According to another blogger, they apparently say: « Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad sawfa ya‘ud« , « Jews, remember the battle of Khaybar, Muhammad’s army will be back ». Very reassuring! Decidedly, Muslims are such great democrats, sensitive and loving of Jews! They really believe in accommodation, peace and collaboration! So we can believe them when they say that only want democracy and freedom of rights in the western world, when asking for religious accommodations, right?

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