« Thrive »: An example of counter-culture fascism

A recent movie has drawn a lot of attention in the conspiracy research milieu titled « Thrive ». But unfortunately, this film only provides the usual conspiracy theory that you can find in zillions of websites and/or books, that the world is run by a conspiracy of Zionists-Jewish Bankers-Freemasons-Knights of Malta-Illuminati-Federal Reserve officials and so on, all of Jewish extraction, of course. Here is a series of articles dealing with the subject. I also add older articles by Dave Emory dealing with other examples of counter-culture fascism, such as Black Metal music.

“Thrive”: Counter-Culture Fascism in Cinema

The Hidden Right-Wing Agenda at the Heart of ‘Thrive’

Author John Robbins, Other Progressives Denounce ‘Thrive’

Thrive Debunked

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FTR #222 Fascism and the Black Metal Music Scene, Part II

Anti-semitic manifestation in Tunis

Who told you that manifestations in Tunisia and Egypt were ‘democratic’? Who told  you that Islamism, Jihadism and anti-semitism had nothing to do with these protests? Well, think again. The hatred and violence toward Jews in the Middle East is not a fantasy and an invention of conservatives and pro-war Americans. It is a fact. Hatred of Jews is built-in in the Arab culture and Islamism opens the doors wide open for it to come to the surface. Look at these protesters in front of the Grand Synagogue in Tunis. Do they look like great admirers of the Jews? According to another blogger, they apparently say: « Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad sawfa ya‘ud« , « Jews, remember the battle of Khaybar, Muhammad’s army will be back ». Very reassuring! Decidedly, Muslims are such great democrats, sensitive and loving of Jews! They really believe in accommodation, peace and collaboration! So we can believe them when they say that only want democracy and freedom of rights in the western world, when asking for religious accommodations, right?

The terrible state of Britain: Islamization alert!

Here is a video from the BBC on how Islamic schools in Britain brainwash kids to become antisemites, pro-Sharia Jihadists and propagandists. This is disgusting. And you are letting it continue, western leaders? How dare you! This is treason!

Sarah Palin and the blood libel controversy

The expression ‘blood libel’ refers to accusations that Jews kill Christian children in order to use their blood in rituals. That kind of accusation was very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. Obviously, it had no basis whatsoever. The weirdest thing in this case, is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who has been targetted in the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona, is Jewish. That leaves a strange feeling. On her facebook page, Palin declares: « Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn ». O.K. we agree…but I still think it smells bad.

Dave Emory, the eminent specialist on fascism studies, made a little research on Sarah Palin that he presented on his radio show, For the Record. In this show, he subtantiates her links to the umh…uhm…KKK and other right-wing organizations and the fascist milieu in general. Be sure to check that information before you make your mind.