Center for Security Policy on Influence Operations, Past and Present

This conference given by intelligence analysts on influence operations is certainly a must see. Too often we live our lives completely unaware of the dangers that surround us. Yesterday’s fears of a communist takeover presented by the media, whether exaggerated or not, have left us with the impression that « the government » was taking care of these things and that all we had to do was to go on, ignorant and with a quiet state of mind. Well…things are not that simple. Security and intelligence matters concern every citizens. Every one of us must be aware of what is going on in order to defend the country in which we live, its culture, its language, its values. That’s the only way to prevent a real takeover by an alien regime, ideology or culture. This presentation focuses principally on influence operations conducted by the Soviet Union in the Western World but the same principles could apply to any ideology. Panellists give examples using their experience on the ground and the vast quantity of intelligence reports available.

I must admit, this kind of presentation is long overdue. While the study of fascism has been done quite extensively by people such as Mae Brussel and Dave Emory, we are still waiting for the study of communism. It has not been made scientifically, rationally, intellectually, besides the propaganda put out by Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, the way it has been on fascism. And I think it has to be. Totalitarian ideologies are the real threat to this world. In order to fight and defeat them, we must first understand them. That’s why I am glad that the Center for Security Policy has undertaken this series of talks. The next installment will present the case of Islamism as the main new ideology that conducts influence operations on our soil, to try to stir opinion in its favor to be able to vanquish and conquer us more easily. Two thumbs up for this new initiative!

While everyone is preoccupied by Syria and Libya…China is reversing back to full communism

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Totalitarian ideologies are similar to cockroaches or rats: when you think that you got rid of them, they always come back. Come on, admit it. You thought that communism was defeated, right? Oh, so because the U.S.S.R. had collapsed and with it the Eastern Block, you thought that communism/socialism was over? Do you realize how much you were naive? Ok, listen. I don’t want to be too harsh on you. I know that the clues in sight seemed to indicate that it was the case. But as you can see, it will be a long road before we finally finish the job against communism.

In effect, after a few years during which China seemed to have opened its political and economical systems to allow for free enterprise and western-like initiatives, the country is in a process of returning back to the old communist ways, the ones inspired by Mao. China was never a part of the Eastern Block, they had their own version of communism that allowed them to survive the crash of 1989-1990 when the Berlin Wall came down and the U.S.S.R. broke into pieces. But recently, the dragon of communism made its way back to the hearts of the Chinese and convinced them that it was time to revert to what made Mao’s pride. And so, the “five noes” have been reaffirmed at the National People’s Congress. They lay the path for the years to come and will determine China’s both domestic and foreign policy: « No multi-party elections, no diversity in guiding thought, no separation of powers, no federal system and no privatization ».

With nazism that has gone underground after WWII and that has been active ever since behind the scenes to sabotage our world, with Islamism on the rise and trying to replace western civilization as the dominating system, and now with the revival of communism in China adding more weight and credibility to the socialist-inclined version of Islam put forward by Iran and its Hezbollah spearhead in Lebanon and Syria, you see that we have a lot of job on our hands. It is not a time to be weak. It is a time to be strong. If we don’t resist and fight back, we are going to be assimilated and/or destroyed by one or all of these totalitarian ideologies. It is time to make a stand for democracy, for freedom and for humanity. Resist before it is too late!

For a french interview on the same subject with a specialist of China, Loïc Tassé, click here.

Patricia Adams – Nationalizing China

The National Post stands on guard for you: Geopolitics 1.0

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My dear folks, I have discovered a fantastic newspaper. I got to tell you, you must become readers of the National Post. In just one or two issues you can find several excellent articles, while with other offers you would normally have to wait for a whole month before reading anything worth mentioning. It must be one of the most underrated newspapers of the world.

Anyhow, today, in the face of the constantly increasing propaganda, B.S., brainwash and deceptions polluting the corporate media and especially newspapers and television, I think it is relevant that I pinpoint to you a few articles that have appeared in the last days alone in the Post, that you should be aware of. The all deal more or less directly with liberal democracy being attacked, smeared, squeezed and cornered on all fronts. More specifically, you will find the never extinct totalitarian ideologies of the past, fascism, nazism, communism and now Islamism, that are trying to finish off democracy itself, by attacking its legitimacy, the morality of its politicians, its corruption, etc. All tricks in the books are used to try to get the world rid of the moderate/Center of the political spectrum, to pave the way for the installment of a totalitarian world. Whether it is a fascist, communist or Islamist concoction that wins the final battle for power is not the focal point for these anti-democracy crusaders at this time. Totalitarians have joined their forces to exterminate the liberals as they often call us. In effect, you will find many groups where people from the extreme-right mingle with others from the extreme-left and, evidently, Islamists. What makes it more difficult than ever for us to counteract their propaganda is the fact that it is more subtle than it ever was before. In fact, it has become so subtle that most of the liberals, progressives and soft leftists have fallen for it. Only the less naive and certain elements of the right still resist this corruptive and corrosive influence. Enjoy these articles. They present reality, not fiction. They share with you what you have to know about our world. They don’t have a mind-control agenda, none that I know of anyway.

Joshua Kurlantzick

Clifford May

George Jonas

Matt Gurney – Iran

Matt Gurney – The return of NDP’s anti-Israel fringe

Geert Wilders interview on SunNews: A Dutch politician fights back

Watch this interview with Geert Wilders by Ezra Levant during his visit to Canada recently. Leader of the Party for Freedom in the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, Wilders has to endure a life of harassment, threats and intimidation from Islamist fanatics who want to kill him for his statements and actions against Islamism. Surrounded by bodyguards, Wilders’s life has turned into hell since he compared the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, asked for the ban of the burka, of Islamic schools, on the construction of new mosques, etc. He calls all Dutchmen and westerners to resist against that totalitarian ideology disguised as a religion. He warns us that there is no moderate Islam. There is only one Islam, which is violent, intolerant and preaches hatred toward homosexuals, Jews and all non-Muslims. Calls to kill Jews are frequently made by Imams, but that’s not something you will probably learn from your local « progressive » activists, though. What Wilders says makes a lot of sens. We must all unite against what is probably the worst of all totalitarian ideologies that the world has ever known. After the interview with Wilders, Ezra Levant is joined by Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project, from the studios of CNN New York. I also added an extract of his movie, Fitna.

Nadia Ali and the real nature of Arab culture, part II: please rise and…

The other day, I presented to you the beautiful and sexy Sila Sahin, a German young woman of Turkish origin. In this video shot by Playboy, you can see how she « resists » to Islamism and Islam in general. How? By showing her body, her hair, her ass, her breasts, which are all very beautiful. Today, again, I strike back with beautiful Libyan Nadia Ali, born of Pakistani parents. You see, that’s how you counteract Islam, not by doing compromises, deals, negociations, accommodations, etc, but by sabotaging it from the inside, and the key is sexuality. Sexuality destroys fascism like water destroys everything in its path when a tsunami occurs. That’s what we need to get rid of fascism, a tsunami of sexuality and pleasure brought by millions of sexy women from all origins but especially from the Middle East. Being the most beautiful women on Earth, they have the power to transform it completely. Come on, show us your breasts, your ass, your hair! Help us fight back against totalitarian ideologies and religious bigotry! Be the image of God!

The 50-Point Manifesto of Hasan al-Banna: where catholic bigotry meets Soviet Russia and Mussolini’s Corporate State

Here is the link to a page on Pointdebascule website where the 50-Point Manifesto of Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is presented. Jesus-Christ that it must be boring to live in such a society! No gambling, no nightclubs, no alcohol, no drugs, no prostitution…but can we still eat, just to be sure? Everybody has to wear the same uniform, there is only one political party, women and men are being separated in schools and in other activities… With the Muslim Brotherhood, we are witnessing the birth and expansion of probably the worst ideology that the world has ever conceived. In effect, it combines the worst elements of ideologies of the past. The islamic bigotry that is apparent here is  only too reminiscent of catholic bigotry that was rampant before WWII. In Quebec for example, we had our shares of that crap, believe me. These elements of islamic bigotry merge, in Hasan al-Banna’s doctrine, with means of social control typical of soviet Russia for finally transfiguring themselves in a corporate state philosophy that would have given Mussolini his best orgasms. Frankly, the way things are going, we are pretty much screwed. If western leaders really think they are doing us and themselves a big favor in toppling Middle East dictators in the wake of the so-called « democratic » revolutions, they must stand corrected. Western leaders and éminences grises are in fact paving the way for a major regression into Antiquity. Today’s Middle East leaders were acting, until recently, as safety valves against all kinds of barbaric social tendencies and groups, which were encouraged by Islamism and terrorism. Now that they are being overthrown, nothing stands in the way anymore of Islamists, terrorists or groups of barbarians to impose their views on pro-democratic populations. To read how I assess the situation in Libya, see my earlier post.

I am suggesting as well Dave Emory’s last show, FTR #736, which continues the analysis on the coup d’état that was perpetrated in Egypt. Bring your attention more specifically, among other elements, on section 2c where an exerpt of  John Roy Carlson’s Cairo to Damascus is presented that shows what are the real « values »  of the Brotherhood. As well, here is Dave Emory‘s latest blog entry analyzing the results of a recent election exercice in Egypt and how in such occasion the Muslim Brotherhood has prevailed against pro-democratic forces of the youth. With all these elements of information, I don’t see how one still could think that the Brotherhood is benevolent.

Anti-semitic manifestation in Tunis

Who told you that manifestations in Tunisia and Egypt were ‘democratic’? Who told  you that Islamism, Jihadism and anti-semitism had nothing to do with these protests? Well, think again. The hatred and violence toward Jews in the Middle East is not a fantasy and an invention of conservatives and pro-war Americans. It is a fact. Hatred of Jews is built-in in the Arab culture and Islamism opens the doors wide open for it to come to the surface. Look at these protesters in front of the Grand Synagogue in Tunis. Do they look like great admirers of the Jews? According to another blogger, they apparently say: « Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad sawfa ya‘ud« , « Jews, remember the battle of Khaybar, Muhammad’s army will be back ». Very reassuring! Decidedly, Muslims are such great democrats, sensitive and loving of Jews! They really believe in accommodation, peace and collaboration! So we can believe them when they say that only want democracy and freedom of rights in the western world, when asking for religious accommodations, right?