Obama gives 2010 Medal of Freedom to George H.W. Bush…but hey, weren’t you supposed to be a progressive?

Honestly Obama, I am not following anymore. You presented yourself as a progressive, somebody who would uphold democratic values and principles. Acccording to your own speeches, you said that America had to cease the « kind of behavior that has affected us for so long »… And now you’re giving Poppy Bush the Medal of Freedom? I think there’s been some kind of a mistake. Haven’t you read Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets and John Loftus’ books? The Bush Family participated in laundering nazi money during WWII, they are apparently linked to a milieu (among other institutions the Office of Policy Coordination and the Department of Justice)  that helped to smuggle nazi war criminals to America, and they made a lot of other things that would be too long here to enumerate. Prescott Bush, the grand-father, and his son, George H.W. Bush, have played a key role in these machinations, while George W. Bush is a more benign figure. Frankly, I think you have mislead us. You are not a progressive. Everything was a deception. Thank you very much for the marvelous show and the terrific emotions that you made us feel. But next time, I think I will go see a movie instead of listening to you. The ‘decoration’ of this great American ‘hero’ happens around 26:30 in the video here. Enjoy.

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