LGBT & Anarchists attack Christians in Sweden

Is it just me or maybe you, the Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered haven’t understood at all the modern social contract of our society? Well, let me explain it to you. The deal, at least applied to your situation, is that society will accept your sexual orientations. In counterpart, you must behave in a way that is respectfull of others, which is clearly not the case here in this video. What is the problem with you? The western world is the only society that accepts other sexual orientations than heterosexuality and you display these aggressive behaviors? Can I suggest to you that you move your manifestations to the ambassies of certain Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen? We’ll see then if you have the same « courage » that you display here. It is always easy to attack Christians because they are an easy target. It doesn’t hurt. Frankly, I think you are cowards, not because of your sexual orientations but rather because of your behavior. You could at least have chosen a bigger target, such as these countries where homosexuals are put to death, sometimes solely on the basis that they are homosexuals. Honestly, you are a pity.

Also, I would add that these supposedly « anarchists » are in fact probably poor useful fools manipulated by the Right to destabilize western society. In Sweden, were highly questionable Karl Rove is the personal eminence grise of the Prime Minister, big financier fascist Carl Lundstrom has been working in the dark for many years to further the Third Reich agenda, as it was shown in some of Dave Emory’s past shows, FTR #724, FTR #725 and FTR #732. So it comes as no surprise if such behaviors and demonstrations take place in a country that is such a paradise for fascism.

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