The Dalai-Lama: Europe belongs to Europeans…

The Dalai-Lama stated the obvious. Of course, migrants, refugees and a lot of so-called ‘immigrants’ should go back to their home countries once the situation has settled there (the sooner the better). Here is Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV commenting on the news. This only proves that Buddhists have the heart at the right place. There is a proverb in French that says: «Charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même», which means that you should always provide for yourself before considering providing for others. There are thousands, millions of people in America and Europe who are desperately in need of medical care and of decent food and housing…and we are welcoming refugees by the millions? A few years ago, I started a series of articles in French under the title Le déploiement de l’axe christo-bouddhique, or in English, the deployment of the Christico-Buddhistic Axis. The idea behind that association, collaboration, alliance, is that these two religions, the two big religions of each side of the planet, are completely compatible, the same way Islam and Communism are compatible. So, if they are compatible, we should work together to fight for a better world and to deter threats to our rights and freedoms. If the association of Communism and Islam is often referred to as the Red-Green Axis, the alliance between the freedom-loving christian West and the Buddhist East could be referred to as the Blue-Orange Axis – orange for the most common color of a monk’s garment. If we don’t pull our strength together, both Christians and Buddhists are going to disappear, be massacred by either communists or Islamists. Europe for Europeans…and the East for those who agree with the Buddha! Here are the four articles in French of the series I was talking about, if you would like to take a look at them.

Le déploiement de l’axe christo-bouddhique ou le rayonnement bleu-orange

Le déploiement de l’axe christo-bouddhique, deuxième partie: Le Bouddha bleu…

Le déploiement de l’axe christo-bouddhique, troisième partie: Jésus aurait été moine bouddhiste…

Le déploiement de l’axe christo-bouddhique, quatrième partie: Le Sanctuaire de Rozabal…

Dearborn U.S.A.: A fine example of Barack Obama’s « change »

When I watched this video, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It got me angered for the rest of the day. It’s a chance to come to America. North America is a land of peace and prosperity. No foreigner or recent immigrant has the right to despise or criticize the U.S. or Canada, precisely because we offer the very conditions and advantages that exist nowhere else in the world. In this footage, we see Middle Eastern new « Americans », if we can use that term, throwing bottles, cans, pieces of concrete, rocks, at a group of Christians peacefully demonstrating… Yes, you read correctly. No need to reach for your glasses to make sure you got it right. These so-called new « Americans », just getting of the boat, their feet still being soaked, are displaying the rudest, most impolite, unrespectful, obnoxious and violent behavior toward the very citizens who  are welcoming them here in the first place and who, by the way, are also paying for their social benefits through taxation. This totally crosses the line. I’m fed up with Middle Eastern immigrants. Is there something they respect?

The other totally unacceptable thing in that incident is the attitude of the local police. Looking at their performance and listening to what they say, you almost have the impression that it is the Christians who are the newcomers in a Middle East country. The police clearly has a biais against the white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant or Catholic, Christians who peacefully demonstrate their faith during what is, from what we can see, an Arab festival of some kind. How much of this « change » will we have to endure before somebody gets the clock back to our values and traditions? You don’t need a Ph.D. in sociology to see that these Arab/Muslim immigrants are not here to integrate into the larger population. They are here to conquer us by slowly imposing their culture, religion and customs, and they do it by coercing the authorities, political, civilian and police force. I feel the need to throw up. Our leaders have let us down to please voters. And we can also bet that big cash from the oil sheiks certainly helped them to « understand » the importante of « tolerance » and « comprehension » in these matters. Christians and westerners have become estranged in their own land. Shame on our leaders.

Faith Under Fire: Juliana Taimoorazy talks about the persecution of Assyrian Christians

The terrific presentation of a living witness about the persecution and massacre of Assyrian or Chaldean Christians in Iraq by, guess who, Iraqi Muslims.

Secure Freedom Radio: The situation on Somalia, REAL ID cards, Internet freedom and Venezuelan-Chinese collaboration

02-23-2012- Secure Freedom Radio

The future of Christianity, part III: Keelhaul and Metal Music

This show extract from U.S. Metal band Keelhaul is a terrific example of how religious Christians will be in the future. The days of nerdy, uptight and beaten-down bigots is over. Christians will evolve to include new ways, new ideas, new methods while still remaining faithful to the spirit of the Gospel. What tipped me off in this video is a portrait or rather a painting of Jesus as the scene background. It reigns over the band and the crowd and then you realize that a process of transformation is under way. It might not be evident for the moment but it is coming. In previous instalments of this series, I have presented you other elements of this process of transformation, first the demonstration of force and resolve, and second, the importance that already has and will have Trance Music and Porn in the evolution of human kind in the future, culturally and in terms of energy. It is with these new values that we will be able to win our battle against totalitarianism.

Keelhaul must be the most underrated band of all times. They are an amazing group playing the same kind of Metal as Mastodon but without the due recognition. This show has such an energy that if you are a fan of Metal, this is for you. I hope that you will share the same pleasure that I had when I discovered it. And don’t forget: Being a Christian doesn’t mean being dull. 21st century humans might not understand that yet, but in the future they will. Watch this show presented in Greece a few years ago and understand how the reality that we call « Christ » is not weak. On the contrary, it is the most powerful thing that exists. And don’t worry about the devil signs that you see in the crowd. They will be replaced by victory signs in the near future.
Keelhaul @ Emissions Fest Nyabinghi Youngstown OH 2005

Keelhaul | Myspace Music Videos

Crocodile tears on display at U.S. Congress: an extraordinary performance

Check this video featuring Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison’s Testimony during House Committee on Homeland Security Hearing on Radicalization. What a performance! This guy deserves an Oscar! Well, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and the like, you’d better watch your backs because this guy is coming to steal your jobs! Wow! Isn’t he just terrific? Frankly, I am moved. It is so touching… I have no idea if what he says about Hamdani is true or not but it sounds bogus to me. It smells just like another attempt to portray Muslims as innocent little creatures who only want to be hugged and loved and who feel compassion and tenderness for their neighbours. Well, if you think that, maybe you should check the news. For example in the Middle East, where everyday hundreds  of Christians are massacred by « innocent » Muslims because they are characterized as « dhimmis », i.e. non-believers in the Koran. Thank you Representative Keith Ellison but we will pass. Next time we see you cry, we will think about the hundreds of thousands of Christians who have been massacred in places such as Sudan. That will put things into perspective. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

LGBT & Anarchists attack Christians in Sweden

Is it just me or maybe you, the Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered haven’t understood at all the modern social contract of our society? Well, let me explain it to you. The deal, at least applied to your situation, is that society will accept your sexual orientations. In counterpart, you must behave in a way that is respectfull of others, which is clearly not the case here in this video. What is the problem with you? The western world is the only society that accepts other sexual orientations than heterosexuality and you display these aggressive behaviors? Can I suggest to you that you move your manifestations to the ambassies of certain Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen? We’ll see then if you have the same « courage » that you display here. It is always easy to attack Christians because they are an easy target. It doesn’t hurt. Frankly, I think you are cowards, not because of your sexual orientations but rather because of your behavior. You could at least have chosen a bigger target, such as these countries where homosexuals are put to death, sometimes solely on the basis that they are homosexuals. Honestly, you are a pity.

Also, I would add that these supposedly « anarchists » are in fact probably poor useful fools manipulated by the Right to destabilize western society. In Sweden, were highly questionable Karl Rove is the personal eminence grise of the Prime Minister, big financier fascist Carl Lundstrom has been working in the dark for many years to further the Third Reich agenda, as it was shown in some of Dave Emory’s past shows, FTR #724, FTR #725 and FTR #732. So it comes as no surprise if such behaviors and demonstrations take place in a country that is such a paradise for fascism.