Osama bin Laden: The most wanted teddy bear

This CNN video is so hilarious. We see our most wanted bogeyman in a studio somewhere recording a message, probably to scare the poor chickens that we are. Interestingly enough, the sound has been cut off. What are they trying to prevent us from hearing? Anyway, in this video, we see that person, who supposed to be a bogeyman, a dangerous, fierce, agressive and violent individual, behaving so diligently and softly. Honestly, he looks rather like a comedian, asked to shoot his lines for the camera. You see him looking off the camera, on the sides, as if he was seeking the approval of somebody or a director in the room. Observe him. Is he really the dangerous bogeyman that was sold to us? He seems so harmless, benign, almost like somebody you would take into your arms to console… Frankly, they could have found somebody else to serve as the number one bogeyman on Earth. It’s difficult to take him seriously with these pictures. But, hey, what do I know! I’m just a blogger.

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