David Icke: Le Mal mène le monde

Pour voir le film Trance sur l’expérience de Cathy O’Brien en tant que victime du programme MK-ULTRA, visitez le site Ickonic.com de la famille Icke.

Brève présentation d’un projet de DARPA pour créer une interface entre le cerveau humain et les objets technologiques

David Icke analyse l’enthousiasme pour le sport professionnel alors que la société se meure sous les mesures sanitaires

Durant ce vidéocast, David Icke centre son analyse sur le fait que la population au Royaume-Uni est vite sur ses patins pour manifester pour des choses relatives au sport professionnel, alors qu’ils ne font pas grand chose pour protester contre les mesures sanitaires et le confinement. David Icke a parfaitement raison. Pour ma part, cela fait au moins dix ans que je ne suis plus le sport professionnel. C’est une totale perte de temps et d’énergie alors qu’il y a tant de choses importantes à s’occuper. Si on prend l’exemple du Québec, s’il y avait autant d’énergie et d’intérêt à manifester et à protester contre les mesures sanitaires qu’il y en a pour supporter l’équipe de hockey des Canadiens de Montréal, cela prendrait 48 heures et l’état d’urgence sanitaire serait terminé. Comme ce n’est pas le cas, le gouvernement prolonge ses mesures indéfiniment…et tout s’effondre autour de nous. Peuple, réveillez-vous! Il se fait tard!

Joe Imbriano analyse l’opération psychologique de la « Maladie X »

Le concept de la « Maladie X » (Disease X) sert de modèle et de scénario pour la supposée pandémie de covid-19. Joe Imbriano analyse ici ce qui se passe sur la planète présentement en relation avec cette pseudo-pandémie.

Interview with David Icke about the Coronavirus scam, on Infowars

Outstanding interview with David Icke on Infowars about the Coronavirus scam. Virtually 100% of everything he says here is perfectly accurate and true. The power elite on Earth wants to bring in a One World totalitarian government. In order to do so, they launch «operations» that trigger certain responses from governments, peoples, countries, institutions, that allow them to begin to implement that system. 9/11 was such an event, on the security front. Now with the Coronavirus, we have something of a much larger scale going on, on the health and sanitary front. Eventually, in the future, they will launch other operations to continue to implement this agenda until they succeed to bring in that One World government, if they are not stopped in the process. One element that will be essential to get there, is the deployment of a virtual reality, a subreality, in which humans will be caught and unable to escape. For that matter, the Space-X corporation has begun to launch recently a series of low-orbit satellites to, supposedly, provide internet access worldwide. According to Icke, the real goal of this is precisely to install the technological infrastructure for the deployment of this subreality. Unfortunately, the radiation emitted by all these satellites will create an enormous amount of health problems and will be fatal to a lot of creatures and human beings. So the Coronavirus comes very conveniently at the perfect timing to act as a cover for the deployment of this technology. Well done, Mr Icke. Perfectly laid out!

Joe Imbriano about the Coronavirus worldwide shutdown and how it is related to weaponized radio frequencies

A very important broadcast by Joe Imbriano of the Fullerton Informer. Among very essential things, he points out that the coming 5G networks and their new Wi-GIG systems will broadcast at 60 Ghz, which is, apparently, the oxygen absorption spectrum. Also, the coming Wi-Fi 6 will broadcast at 6Ghz, which is the Iodine absorption spectrum. In other terms, these new technologies will bring illnesses and health problems that we have never seen before. They will interfere in normal bodily functions, disturb the metabolism and, more specifically, cause a lot of respiratory problems that could be fatal. Imbriano says that the authorities will blame a virus of some kind, like the Covid-19 or some other, for these illnesses and deaths. For him, the worldwide shutdown that we are going through these days is a dry run, a drill and a psychological operation. The authorities are taking this opportunity to deploy and calibrate this new technology.

Joe Imbriano conference about 5G wireless radiation, followed by an interview with Jeff Rense

Please watch this very interesting conference by Joe Imbriano of the Fullertoninformer about 5G wireless radiation. The core of the presentation consists of an exploration of the possibility that the use of wireless communication, involving radio-frequencies, millimeter waves and microwaves may be aimed at sterilizing the Earth’s population, to comply with the agenda of the United Nations and other groups or institutions. Among very interesting facts Imbriano presents to his audience, we can see on display architectural designs of Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, that strangely resemble the shape of a human egg. Imbriano points out effectively that smartphones, laptops and tablets are very often held close to the genitals. In the case of smartphones, it is even worse since a lot of people place them in the back pocket of their pants when they are not using it. So the genitals and other vital organs unfortunately absorb a great quantity of radiation which may lead to infertility and other health problems. The second video is an interview that Imbriano gave to Jeff Rense on the same subjects.