Make Love not War: my response to the American « Justice » for Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Tired of these incessant wars throughout the world? Tired of the military-industrial complex that makes money with the blood of innocents, of the poor, of children? Tired of their political games to control the world, to seize power for their own benefit? Tired of an elite that will go to any lenghts in order to reach its goals, including humiliating and dishonouring so many men and women throughout history? This is my response to the American « Justice ». Today, I unleash my army of Cat-Women. Because, frankly, dear Americans, you’re so puritan, uptight and conservative. Some real fun, sex and pleasure would benefit you greatly. I have picked a video for you. I hope you will like it. It says: « Destination unknown ». That’s what happens when somebody has some fun. Good things may follow, in terms of happiness, development and joy. Look at these young women. Aren’t they beautiful and sexy? Make love not war, that’s the key. I will let you go now, hoping you will learn to have some fun and stop these stupid smearing games. Because, between you and me, we know Strauss-Kahn was smeared, it is so obvious. In the end, if you can’t compete on the debate level, using ideas, argumentation and discussion, you definitely are a pity as a nation. I hope this video will inspire you.

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