Update on Green Fascism in the National Post: The tar sands agenda and other subjects

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Last week, the National Post published a series of articles related to what I call Green Fascism. Under the file name « Junk Science Week », these articles try to expose anti-capitalist propaganda that proliferates under the cover of the defense of the environment. If sometimes bogus science can be used to deny good and sound research or facts, on the other hand, it can be used as well to push forward phony « research » and « discoveries » with a clear agenda. The Third Reich is more alive than ever. The Green movement being one of his spearheads, it pushes forward a propaganda rhetoric aimed at the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Israel, in other terms at the Anglo-American Empire that is supposed to be the enemy. For what purpose? To de-industrialize them. For whose benefit? Germany’s, of course. First, Germany is the world leader in anything that sounds « clean », like solar energy, wind energy, recycling, greenhouses, reutilization, etc, that sort of things. Any de-industrialization of the West would benefit the German corporations that patented and marketed all those inventions or new processes. Second, the European Union was a trap set by totalitarian dreamers and schemers to submit, conquer and bankrupt country members, for the economic and financial power center of the EU, Germany, to be able to take them over. By bailing them out, Germany takes over the economy, i.e. the wallet of those countries, and that’s the end of their national sovereignty. Look at the map. The territory of the EU is more or less the historical realization of nazi Greater Germany, or the revival or the Roman Empire. Leaders of the EU are non-elected officials and they decide for the fate of the hundreds of millions of Europeans. Often, citizens of its various country members can’t even have a referendum in which they can approve or disapprove a policy. It is imposed on them as a fait accompli. The EU is not a democracy, it is a totalitarian empire disguised as a democracy. If you are curious about what a U.K. politician like Nigel Farage might have to say about the EU, click here. For some information on the links between the history of the Green movement and fascism properly or nazism, provided by anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory click here, by authors Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier, click here or by Peter Staudenmaier alone, Anthroposophy and Ecofascism.

I am not going to analyze all these articles. First, I don’t have time and second, I will let you browse and choose what fits your needs. However, let me just pinpoint one of them, the one actually that triggered the very post that you are reading right now. It’s by Vivian Krause and is titled Tarred by science. How green groups pursued oil sand agenda, published on Tuesday June 14th. It exemplifies perfectly the kind of distortions that we get as a result of the everlasting Green propaganda. But don’t get me wrong here. I am for the preservation and protection of the environment. I just don’t want that bad science or propaganda smear campaigns be used to de-industrialize and bankrupt our liberal democratic societies. Because, in the end, you know the results: liberal democracy will disappear and with it all our rights as citizens. We will be thrown back into barbarism, literally, as if the Enlightenment would have never happened. If there is a chance for democracy on this planet to prevail, it is with the Anglo-American Empire that it will produce itself, whether we like that empire or not, and Canada, with its culture of moderation and cultivation of the Center of the political spectrum, is in a very good position to defend it.

Green groups have a special obsession with North American pipeline projects. I joined two articles by Peter Foster on that. I also have to warn you that, besides science classes at high school, I don’t have a formal education in science. The articles below might be biased in their own way. I am only providing them to make the point that we must be careful when hearing about or reviewing « scientific » presentations about issues. All kinds of agendas might be at play, and the Green movement is definitely not impartial. I think we must all be aware that propaganda smear campaigns are in action against the Anglo-American Empire for the reasons that I have explained, and these articles are trying to explore and expose certain of these tricks put out to weaken and ultimately to defeat our political system. With these caveat in mind, have a good read.

Big Green blocks oil sands, by Peter Foster

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Terence Corcoran, No climate death in Venice

Gilbert Ross, on organic food products

Steve McIntyre, Greenpeace karaoke

Lorne Gunter, on the IPCC

Rex Murphy, Inviting the fox into the henhouse

Peter Foster, on Norman Myers

Extinct predictions

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