A little humour on the Palestinian « crisis »: A look at the professional refugees

Hello folks. I was away for a few days on vacation. You see, everybody needs that once in a while, even a Resistant like me. I went to the ocean, trying to relax and forget about the problems of the world and my own at the same time. I couldn’t or so little. Surprised? What can I do. Everything is going down the drain. I would be foolish to behave as if everything was fine. Anyway, a friend shared this video with me and I just thought it would be a terrific way to continue after a week off. It brings some humour to a tragic situation. The « Palestinians », as they are being called, are professional activists. They work for either Iran, Syria or Lebanon, or a combination of them. Their work is to try to destabilize and delegimitize Israel and the Jewish community by spreading anti-semitic propaganda, and we have got to be honest, they are good at it. The problem is, people like me and my friends, don’t buy it. We expose these stooges for what they are, i.e. anti-semites and racists, sometimes fascist or socialist depending. A few days ago, Greece took care of these useful idiots during the aborted Gaza Flotilla 2 departure and I was thrilled. Enjoy the irony, truthfulness and accuracy of this production. Two thumbs up!

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