Roots The Club in Gaza City: Tales from the biggest open-air concentration camp in the world, strike 2

My dear friends, I have got to tell you something, I was so shocked by the images that you are about to see! Oh, my god! Can you imagine for a second the suffering that these poor Gazans must endure? Do you realize how barbaric Israelis must be, yes, these despicable and cruel beings, to let the inhabitants of Gaza go through such trials, tribulations and pain? Because, yeah, evidently, we all in good faith would think that the Israelis, even as cruel, heartless and savage as they we know them, would let Gazans at least get some food, more or less edible but still, some not too-contaminated water and a few rag of clothes to cover their meager bodies. But no…It appears that the Israelis don’t have any values at all, no decency, no heart, no compassion. You see, they would rather let these poor Gazans die out of hunger, disease and despair rather than to show some good faith and help them! And not only the Israelis have the guts to control the whole media in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, but adding to that, they also go to the extreme of letting starve to death the weakest and most vulnerable of all among us, the Gazans and Palestinians! And I am not even mentioning all the occasions where they could have spared lives in the Occupied Territories but chose instead to murder innocent people at random, just for the simple pleasure of taking lives and spilling blood! Frankly, these Israelis should be ashamed of themselves. Look at these pictures from Roots The Club in Gaza City, and tell me that you can stand seeing these innocent concentration camp prisoners being abused so much?

A little humour on the Palestinian « crisis »: A look at the professional refugees

Hello folks. I was away for a few days on vacation. You see, everybody needs that once in a while, even a Resistant like me. I went to the ocean, trying to relax and forget about the problems of the world and my own at the same time. I couldn’t or so little. Surprised? What can I do. Everything is going down the drain. I would be foolish to behave as if everything was fine. Anyway, a friend shared this video with me and I just thought it would be a terrific way to continue after a week off. It brings some humour to a tragic situation. The « Palestinians », as they are being called, are professional activists. They work for either Iran, Syria or Lebanon, or a combination of them. Their work is to try to destabilize and delegimitize Israel and the Jewish community by spreading anti-semitic propaganda, and we have got to be honest, they are good at it. The problem is, people like me and my friends, don’t buy it. We expose these stooges for what they are, i.e. anti-semites and racists, sometimes fascist or socialist depending. A few days ago, Greece took care of these useful idiots during the aborted Gaza Flotilla 2 departure and I was thrilled. Enjoy the irony, truthfulness and accuracy of this production. Two thumbs up!

Debunking Palestinian reverse propaganda 1.0 : Photos from the Gaza Strip « biggest open air concentration camp of the world »

Well, well, well… Look at what we got here… I think me just caught you with your pants down, little babies from the Gaza Strip! These links below present a series of pictures taken, not in Israel, not in Saudi Arabia, not in the Mediterranean, not in Greece, not in Turkey…but in the Gaza Strip! Folks, believe me or not, but these pictures were taken in the very place that Palestinians refer to as being « the world’s biggest open air concentration camp ». Nothing less! Look at the photos and tell me if it fits your description of such a terrible place. You see barbwires, smoke coming out of facilities, « dust » falling down from the sky, piles of decomposing bodies? I think you don’t. You see, that’s a clear example of reverse propaganda. The Third Reich has been doing just that, putting people, mostly Jews, into real concentration camps to be worked to death and/or gased, and now they are using the accusation to smear Israel for something that it clearly doesn’t do. The second link shows pictures of a new shopping mall in Gaza. Enjoy them. And please, put your children to bed… These shots are so « graphic » in nature that they could induce some kind of trauma…You don’t wanna take any chances…

Photos from the Gaza Strip « concentration camp »

Photos of a Gaza Shopping Mall

The Gaza Strip, the UNRWA and the transnational welfare state

© Marcosborne |

Today, dear readers, I will present you something that will, I hope, continue to convince you that we must abandon all rhetoric relatively to the supposed « Israel lobby », to rather concentrate on real matters, on reality. The Third Reich has been really skilful and crafty at putting out propaganda and disinformation concerning the Jews and Israel, and we have to remain constantly vigilant. You must have heard that supposedly, the Jews, due to their powerful « lobby » control the media, right? Well, explain to me then why you probably never heard of the information that I will present to you now. Have you ever heard of the UNRWA? Well? The UNRWA is the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. While this organization is supposed to have been created to help Palestinian refugees, it nevertheless dedicated itself in practice to render impossible any attemps by them to assume indepedence, by creating a permanent welfare state in which they have tremendous difficulties getting out. Eight « camps » were established solely for the Gaza Strip in 1949, plus dozens of ghettos where refugees live under the rule of a totalitarian paramilitary state, terrorized by the Hamas. The population of these camps, in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and as well in surrounding countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, has grown from 726,000 in 1950 to 4,8 million in 2010.

Normally, refugees are handled by the UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The mandate of the UNHCR is to resettle or integrate refugees into their homelands or new host countries. The Palestinians are the only group to be under the jurisdiction of a separate UN entity. Why is that? To make a long story short, it appears that the forced submission imposed on the Palestinians by the UNRWA to a welfare state seems to facilitate a permanent state of war with Israel. It looks as if the UNRWA was created to make in sort that the Palestinians could never have a home of their own, to be able to drive them more easily into a permanent state of agression toward Israel. To give a few concrete examples, apparently some Palestinian recruits use UNRWA facilities and equipment as recruitment centers and to serve terrorist organizations. UNRWA’s Siblin Vocational Training Center in Lebanon was used to store weapons and military equipment from 1975-82.

These are just a few facts from the article below. Read it. In the end, it shows how stupid the fantasy of the Israel lobby can be for someone who thinks strait. The United Nations, the western countries, the corporations, the Islamists, the Third Reich and the Arab countries weigh much more in the balance when it comes to what Israel experiences. But, unfortunately, because nobody cares about the Jews, whenever a « genius » can blame the problems of the Near East on them, everybody remains mute. Well, you would better start saying something because anytime Jews are slaughtered, it is all mankind that is under the menace of extermination. If any of the Arab and/or Muslim states that possesses the atomic bomb drops it on Israel, it won’t matter to them to kill just the Jews. They will kill you too, if you are in the way. Don’t let yourself be deceived by the Third Reich. Stand up and fight back! Defend the Jews, your brothers. The Jews symbolize the human race. If you stand by doing nothing, we are all, those of us who believe in humankind and democracy, doomed.



Israel seizes German-owned cargo ship carrying weapons…from Iran

© Ivan Mikhaylov |

Israel seized a cargo ship on March 14th in the Mediterranean sea, a few hundreds miles from the shores of the Gaza Strip. The ship was carrying Iranian weapons intended for Palestinian militants in Gaza. The ship set off from Syria, stopped in Turkey before heading toward Egypt. As a reminder, weapons are smuggled from Egypt to the Gaza Strip using a network of underground tunnels. Iran has denied involvement, as it was  to be expected. The incident follows earlier attempts from hostile Arab or Muslim countries to provide weapons to destabilizing or terrorist agents in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. The IHH-sponsored Gaza flotilla incident is a notorious example of that, which was a clear provocation from the part of Turkey.

What is really interesting though is the ownership of the vessel, German… Honestly, who could have guessed? The Third Reich is deploying more and more overt provocations toward Israel. The message is clear: be ready to be wiped out. The anti-Israel sentiment is growing around the world and especially in the Middle East and we can see the wolves and sharks getting closer as they smell the blood of Jews. Frankly, we are governed by psychopaths. If real good people were in charge of the Earth, we wouldn’t see things like that. As a result, the hatred of the Jews will continue as long as humans won’t decide themselves to put these psychopathic killers behind bars or six feet under. If we don’t do that, the human race is doomed for extinction. For more details on the Gaza flotilla and the general context surrounding their shipments, see as well a couple of posts by Dave Emory.




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Welcome to the Itamar massacre or how violence in the Muslim world has become entertainment

Watch this video about the Itamar, an Israeli settling in the West Bank, massacre of last friday. Pictures are crude, terrible, ugly but they depict exactly the situation Jews and Israelis face around the world: unequivocal violence that receives a free pass. A group, we don’t know how many, of Palestinians enters a residence in Itamar. Then they proceed to massacre the resident couple and three of their six children, including a three-month old baby… The killing might have been claimed by Fatah members, it is not yet confirmed, belonging to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs sub-group. After the news of the killings, some Palestinians were seen celebrating in the Gaza Strip, serving baklavas to the population.  Stupid comments were made also by certain Palestinian authorities diminishing the importance of the event. Frankly, if you are not disgusted by all this, I don’t know what would make you react. And what is even more disgusting is the very small or even total absence of coverage of this news in the western media, considering the immense brouhaha any petty event involving violence or discomfort felt by Palestinians receives all year-long. Anti-semitism is making a very strong comeback, if it ever departed. Not only we can see it in terrible events like this but as well in the censorship this kind of news endure in the western media. The Third Reich and their Islamists proxy warriors controlling that media, it is no surprise if violence against Jews receives almost no coverage.

Israel is entitled to « occupy » the « Occupied Territories »

Watch this video where is explained why Israel is « occupying » Palestine and other lands. UN resolution 242 was adopted after the Six-Day War in 1967, when Egypt, Jordan and Syria attacked Israel. The resolution says that Israel has to leave the  lands occupied in these states during the war, i.e. the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights, following a negociated peace with the Arab countries. Because these ones refused to make such a peace, Israel continued its ‘occupation’. The use of the Jordan River Valley as a natural barrier is logical. Ce vidéo possède des sous-titres français.


The BBC caught pants down in the Gaza Flotilla incident coverage: deliberate anti-Israel bias

Yeah…German and Islamic control over western media is rampant. This is just another good example. This report the BBC made of the incident, which is by the way only representative of how it was treated globally in the western media, is a classic form of Israel basing. The Turkish flotilla crew in this report are portrayed as  being the victims and Israel as being the agressor, while it is the other way around! It is almost psychedelic. Wake-up folks. We are being manipulated.