Margaret Wente on the Freedom Flotilla: A ship of useful idiots

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Well, this time, you got it right. This article by Margaret Wente is honest and represents a good job of journalism. That I can respect. Ok, I admit that last time I may have burned a few fuses when I blogged about Patrick Martin’s documentary  Inside Hamas. I was so infuriated by what appeared to me as a nasty peace of propaganda that I couldn’t resist denouncing it ferociously. That was duty as a responsible citizen to do so anyway. Next time I will try to remain more cool, but you have to admit that you, The Globe and Mail, pushed really far our tolerance and patience. It is one thing to express an opinion but it is another to take people for fools. With that article, we can see that Wente took the time to assess the situation and the basic facts, and the whole thing is balanced and credible. I can’t understand why Martin didn’t put the same efforts to bring similar results in his documentary in the first place. You know what? I think Wente should share notes with Patrick Martin… Judging by their respective views on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, it looks as if they are not talking about the same conflict. Overall, I will say it is good reporting. I am happy to see that there are still people with good judgement at the Globe. The second article has been published by the National Post last week on the subject and it goes around the same lines. The two articles complete each other very well.

Margaret Wente on the Freedom Flotilla

Flotillas Then and Now

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