Julia Davis and Steve Kohn on The Boiling Frogs: What whistleblowing truly is

That interview with Julia Davis gives cold shivers. While listening to it, you can’t help but to realize that the United States of America, once the greatest nation in the world, has regressed during the last decades into a republic that is clearly in the middle stages of totalitarianism. Several causes could be identified to explain this break down. Fascists of all kinds, post-WWII nazi agents acting to destabilize the country and have it to collapse, communist infiltraters, etc, all have contributed to this. However, one trail of enquiry that is rarely mentioned is the Vatican. To my knowledge, there is only Lenny Bloom with his radio podcast show Shock Talk With Bloom And Steele, and a few others, that talk about that. Washington D.C. holds a monument, called the Washington Monument, that is an egyptian obelisk. Yet, we find the same obelisk in the City of the Vatican, with surrounding buildings matching in style. Coincidence? Maybe. Listen folks. You have to realize that the Roman Catholic Church never cancelled or abandoned the Inquisition, nor the Crusades by the way. It has merely changed its name. It is now called the « Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith ». So what tells us that they are not now acting to destabilize democracy itself in western countries, because their populations have turned their backs on the Christian and/or Catholic Faith? I think this question needs to be asked. Signs of a global covert operation to destabilize democracy are all over the place on Earth, in Europe, in the United States, in Latin America, around Israel — which has not been officially recognized by the Vatican yet, by the way. Don’t forget that the four books of the gospels put the blame on the Jews for the murder of Jesus, while it is evident that it was the Romans who killed him, because he was a pretender to the Throne of David, a competitor to the Cesars.

You can imagine how much I am glad to be a Canadian citizen. We have managed to stay out of these struggles for world dominance, at least until now, and I hope it will stay that way. Coming back to the Julia Davis interview, she explains here and in a documentary to be released soon, how she was harassed, persecuted, fired and prosecuted…just for doing her job. And it comes as a confirmation to what Steve Kohn, another real whistleblower, has been saying about the reality of whistleblowing: people who denounce irregular situations don’t have the impression of whistleblowing but only to do their job. I have linked two interviews with him given on the Boiling Frogs. Interview #43 is definitely a reference, as he explains carefully and with precision the reality of whistleblowing that is totally different from what Bradley Manning and Julian Assange do. Real whistleblowers try to raise awareness of people in charge of governmental institutions, departments and offices about certain problems that need to be settled. In every cases, they have the professional competence and skills to do so. In the latter case, Manning just dropped a computer thumbnail full of miscellaneous files he obviously didn’t read in their entirety, and Julian Assange is conducting a destabilization operation of democracy through the deliberate sabotage of the diplomatic and political processes, immunity and secrecy. My advice to you people: if you want to see what true whistleblowers are, you can start by the obvious examples that you have here. Julia Davis, Steve Kohn and Sibel Edmonds herself will teach you more on whistleblowing than the WikiLeaks bunch in a thousand years. I join also a post by Sibel Edmonds on the rise of the Police State in which she compares the behavior of the Department of Homeland Security to Nazi Germany, using the indoctrination of children among other things as an example. I like it. It circles back to what I was saying about the Vatican. After the capitulation of Nazi Germany, the Vatican provided escape routes to many nazi agents to South America, through what has been known as the Rat Lines. The Inquisition still continues but this time, we are not going to stay passive. We are going to resist, as any responsible citizens and true supporters of democracy would do. Finally, you will find the trailer for Julia Davis’s coming documentary, The Terror Within.

Julia Davis interview

Steven Kohn, Podcast #43

Steve Kohn, Podcast #10

Post on Homeland Security

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