Letters to the National Post: Some readers show their support for Warren Buffet

In a recent article, I supported Warren Buffet. This week, in a letter adressed to the editor of the New York Times, he defended the principle that the rich and the wealthy must contribute significantly to the financing of the State, that it was not only to the poor and the middle class to do that. Curiously, two columnists in the National Post, Peter Foster and Jack Mintz, joined their voices to criticize and almost discredit Mr Buffet. Honestly, belonging myself to the class of low-wage workers and surviving from paycheck to paycheck, I found these « opinions » so heartless, irrelevant and out of touch with reality that I didn’t even bother to respond. Normally, as a blogger I would have, but I said to myself: « what the hell ». And then on Thursday, August 18th, the newspaper published some readers reactions that corroborated my firts impressions. So I am not going to say much more. I am just going to invite you to read them. They do justice to the issues involved. It appears finally that I am not the only one who has good feelings for Warren Buffet, and for sanity in general, when the time comes to administrate the State and the economy. I also join the articles in question from both Foster and Mintz.

Ryan Mulatz

Ronald Pletan

Styli Pappas

Peter Foster – The Stooge of Omaha

Jack Mintz – Buffet misses mark

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