Letters to the National Post: Some readers show their support for Warren Buffet

In a recent article, I supported Warren Buffet. This week, in a letter adressed to the editor of the New York Times, he defended the principle that the rich and the wealthy must contribute significantly to the financing of the State, that it was not only to the poor and the middle class to do that. Curiously, two columnists in the National Post, Peter Foster and Jack Mintz, joined their voices to criticize and almost discredit Mr Buffet. Honestly, belonging myself to the class of low-wage workers and surviving from paycheck to paycheck, I found these « opinions » so heartless, irrelevant and out of touch with reality that I didn’t even bother to respond. Normally, as a blogger I would have, but I said to myself: « what the hell ». And then on Thursday, August 18th, the newspaper published some readers reactions that corroborated my firts impressions. So I am not going to say much more. I am just going to invite you to read them. They do justice to the issues involved. It appears finally that I am not the only one who has good feelings for Warren Buffet, and for sanity in general, when the time comes to administrate the State and the economy. I also join the articles in question from both Foster and Mintz.

Ryan Mulatz

Ronald Pletan

Styli Pappas

Peter Foster – The Stooge of Omaha

Jack Mintz – Buffet misses mark

The National Post stands on guard for you: Geopolitics 1.0

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My dear folks, I have discovered a fantastic newspaper. I got to tell you, you must become readers of the National Post. In just one or two issues you can find several excellent articles, while with other offers you would normally have to wait for a whole month before reading anything worth mentioning. It must be one of the most underrated newspapers of the world.

Anyhow, today, in the face of the constantly increasing propaganda, B.S., brainwash and deceptions polluting the corporate media and especially newspapers and television, I think it is relevant that I pinpoint to you a few articles that have appeared in the last days alone in the Post, that you should be aware of. The all deal more or less directly with liberal democracy being attacked, smeared, squeezed and cornered on all fronts. More specifically, you will find the never extinct totalitarian ideologies of the past, fascism, nazism, communism and now Islamism, that are trying to finish off democracy itself, by attacking its legitimacy, the morality of its politicians, its corruption, etc. All tricks in the books are used to try to get the world rid of the moderate/Center of the political spectrum, to pave the way for the installment of a totalitarian world. Whether it is a fascist, communist or Islamist concoction that wins the final battle for power is not the focal point for these anti-democracy crusaders at this time. Totalitarians have joined their forces to exterminate the liberals as they often call us. In effect, you will find many groups where people from the extreme-right mingle with others from the extreme-left and, evidently, Islamists. What makes it more difficult than ever for us to counteract their propaganda is the fact that it is more subtle than it ever was before. In fact, it has become so subtle that most of the liberals, progressives and soft leftists have fallen for it. Only the less naive and certain elements of the right still resist this corruptive and corrosive influence. Enjoy these articles. They present reality, not fiction. They share with you what you have to know about our world. They don’t have a mind-control agenda, none that I know of anyway.

Joshua Kurlantzick

Clifford May

George Jonas

Matt Gurney – Iran

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