Ukraine cleanses its history: The Golden Rose and the Gehenna of present-day Europe

Last week, the remnants of the Golden Rose synagogue that was once one of Europe’s most beautiful ones, have begun to be demolished in the city of Lviv. The historical and religious site is planned to leave the way for a hotel in prevision of some European championships of soccer. These remnants are one of the few remaining Jewish vestiges in Lviv after the passages of both Nazi and Soviet totalitarian bulldozer regimes. In a recent article published in the National Post, journalist Tom Gross asks rightfully: Where is the UNESCO in all this? Well…as the UNESCO is an institution of the UN, it can’t go against its wishes. The UN being now under the control of a majority, or close to a majority of countries, that are either Muslim or that have had a long history of anti-semitism, it is clear that it is not at the UN that the Jewish community and Israel will find favorable ears for their demands or complaints.

And…it gets a little worse than that. As a matter of fact, and the National Post has chosen the exact title that says it all, Ukraine is trying to rewrite its history in an effort to erase the Jews. That’s what is going on. Don’t forget that Ukraine’s national « hero », Stepan Bandera, leaded mobile killing units to exterminate the Jews at gunpoint during WWII. These guys didn’t need crematory ovens. No. Guns were sufficient for them, as they exterminated in Belarus and Ukraine something like 3 million out of the 6 million Jews who died during the war. For more information on that, you can check the marvellous book of former Justice Department attorney John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret. And it is these same Ukrainians who recently complained about the « special treatment » that the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in construction in Winnipeg was willing to give to the Jewish holocaust at the « detriment » of other human suffering, such as the holodomor, the killings of Ukrainians by Soviet troops.

You see, there is a vast rewriting of history going on in Europe. Leaders want to get the Jews out of people’s memory. It is pretty obvious that there is a second holocaust that is coming. Now that Germany has risen back from the ashes, now that the Underground Reich is back into the open, they will start again persecuting Jews…and probably killing them. We can see the earlier stages of it throughout the world in BDS campaigns against Israel, in inflamed and passionate speeches about the « Jewish lobby » that supposedly controls the media, in accusations made about Israel that it practices Apartheid, that it commits war crimes, mass killings, etc, while all these things have been committed not by Jews or Israel but by their enemies. The enemies of Jews and Israel use the oldest trick in the book of politics: To commit misdeeds and blame them on one’s enemies.

WARNING THE TO JEWS: Because something happened once, never assume it can’t happen twice. The holocaust happened. But if you don’t fight tooth and nail those who are trying to cultivate the hatred for and the lies about the Jews, it will happen again. Your only chance if you want to survive is to show no mercy toward those who want to sweep clean the Jews from off the Earth. Seek and destroy. Period. The Golden Rose will always be a symbol for humanity’s struggle for enlightenment, consciousness and awareness. The Golden Lily too. You have to rise up and fight back because, this time, your enemies won’t give you the opportunity to escape alive.

Ukraine cleanses its history

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