The movie Corporation by Mark Achbar: The links between IBM and the Holocaust

This is an extract from the Canadian movie The Corporation by Mark Achbar. Although the tone is at times a little bit whiny and definitely lefty, it remains somewhat a good documentary to seize the different challenges presented by the corporation in our world. The usual all-star protagonists of the Left scene, such as Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky « occupy », excuse the pun, a good space in the movie and certainly don’t miss the opportunity to deliver the rhetorical lines that their public expect. And again, nonetheless, the end result remains relevant. I have chosen a part that exposes the links between America and the Nazi regime of Germany. After all, it is my editorial line, I would be stupid to pass on that. Among other things, it presents the case of how the Coca-Cola corporation continued to make business with Germany during WWII even if we were at war. It exposes also the role played by IBM in the holocaust. For those who don’t know, let us recall that IBM fabricated and marketed among the first computers during late 19th and early 20th century. Functioning with punch cards, they helped the Nazis keep tabs, so to speak, on all the people who were displaced to the concentration camps and on what happened to them. Nazi Germany signed the contract with IBM’s New York office. Machines were leased, not sold. They needed to be serviced. The case of IBM and the holocaust is presented succinctly here but anyone who would like to know more about that can read the book IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black. If it inspires you to watch the full movie, you will find the link below.

The Corporation

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