Saintsations present the Golden Lily: Keep going like that, babies!

My blog is almost never mentioned anywhere, except on SpitfireList and on a few others. Sometimes, I ask myself if that all the work that I invest in this blog is worth it. On the other hand, I also have the impression that I do have an impact of some sort. For example, after I have written some article, things move suddenly. There is a reaction in the mediasphere and it encourages me to continue. When I saw the golden lily on the uniform of these cheerleaders, I couldn’t believe it. The New Orleans Saints have been bearing the logo of the fleur-de-lys for a long time. And their cheerleaders, the Saintsations, bear the golden lily on their chest. A dream come true! Check it out! With an army like that, I will conquer the world!

The Saintsations

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