Reading suggestion – Unholy Alliance: History of Nazi Involve­ment with the Occult

I suggest that you get more acquainted with the works of Peter Levenda. This researcher has explored a not-too-familiar line of enquiry, that is the occult foundations on which Nazism was based or driven from, presented and explained in his book Unholy Alliance: History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult. A lot of people and/or organizations contributed to build what became the nazi occult mysticism, from Madame Blavatsky and Aleis­ter Crow­ley to the Thule Gesellschaft, the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Order of the East­ern Tem­ple, Tibetan mysticism, Freemasonry, legends of the Holy Grail, Knights Templar, folklore, etc. More recently, Peter Levenda has worked on another trail of enquiry that led him to discover a graveyard in Indonesia, possibly containing the remains of a very important member of the nazi hierarchy, Hitler himself according to him. You can check his website to learn more about that.

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