Reading suggestion – Unholy Alliance: History of Nazi Involve­ment with the Occult

I suggest that you get more acquainted with the works of Peter Levenda. This researcher has explored a not-too-familiar line of enquiry, that is the occult foundations on which Nazism was based or driven from, presented and explained in his book Unholy Alliance: History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult. A lot of people and/or organizations contributed to build what became the nazi occult mysticism, from Madame Blavatsky and Aleis­ter Crow­ley to the Thule Gesellschaft, the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Order of the East­ern Tem­ple, Tibetan mysticism, Freemasonry, legends of the Holy Grail, Knights Templar, folklore, etc. More recently, Peter Levenda has worked on another trail of enquiry that led him to discover a graveyard in Indonesia, possibly containing the remains of a very important member of the nazi hierarchy, Hitler himself according to him. You can check his website to learn more about that.

Le Dalai Lama et le nazisme

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Dans un article précédent, j’ai essayé d’alerter l’opinion publique sur le personnage du Dalaï Lama. Présenté comme un sage par l’ensemble des médias, les universités et la société bien-pensante, c’est en fait un individu qui a un passé plus que questionnable. En effet, il s’est entouré au cours de sa « lamaïcité » de gens ayant été des membres du Parti Nazi ou des SS, comme par exemple le célèbre Heinrich Harrer qui fut son tuteur au Tibet. L’information que j’avais alors recensée était en anglais. Voici maintenant une page web en français reprenant la même information. Les renseignements sont tirés du site En plus du texte écrit, les photos sont éloquentes. Une d’entre elles montrent le Dalaï Lama actuel en compagnie de Heinrich Harrar, alpiniste et SS, Bruno Beger l’ethnologue d’Auschwitz et Miguel Serrano, diplomate chilien et ésotériste hitlérien.

Dire que dans certains milieux on se pâme pour le Dalaï Lama, alors que dans la tradition orientale on retrouve le personnage du Bouddha lui-même… Vous savez, celui qui a fondé le bouddhisme. Oui, lui. Siddhartha Gautama, appelé le Bouddha, était bien davantage qu’un simple saint ou un sage. C’était un illuminé, quelqu’un qui a atteint la connaissance parfaite. C’est une figure christique comparable à celle de Jésus en Occident. Que l’on ne tarisse pas d’éloges envers le Dalaï Lama est complètement insensé, alors que l’on ne parle JAMAIS du Bouddha lui-même qui a fondé le bouddhisme cinq cents ans avant Jésus-Christ. Je vous le dis, le Dalaï Lama ne pourrait même pas nettoyer les écuries du Bouddha en termes d’élévation spirituelle. Enfin. J’imagine que c’est cohérent avec l’air du temps et la culture de notre époque. Prenez le temps de lire cette page…et réveillez-vous.

The Dalai Lama and Tariq Ramadan have sung in duet at the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11

Well…I feel the need to pontificate a little today. Being a blogger and feeling sometimes relegated to the backseats of social and political discourse, I often have the impression that what I have to say about the world is considered useless and inconsequential by the power elite of this world. More humble people obviously appreciate this site and I am glad they do because, in the end, it is for them that I write and publish all these posts on my own time, for free. So today I hope you will allow me to celebrate my instincts, although I would have prefered evidently to be wrong. Last May, when I first heard about this coming Conference in Montreal, I had the feeling that the Dalai Lama and Tariq Ramadan would adjust their strategies and work on a common agenda. That’s why I had titled my post The Dalai and Tariq Ramadan will sing in duet…and that’s exactly what happened.

Let me explain a few things. A journalist from French-speaking radio station 98,5FM in Montreal, Canada, named Alain Pronkin, attended the Conference on September the 7th. In a two-part interviews given to host Benoit Dutrizac, he reported two things rather relevant for our purpose. First, Tariq Ramadan, this Muslim Brotherhood agent so « charming » and « moderate » that has become literally a sweatheart for the so-called progressive sector, was asked by a Buddhist raised in a Christian family why the Dalai Lama couldn’t visit the Mecca. Ramadan plainly and dully responded that the vast majority of Muslim scholars agreed on this and that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia wouldn’t allow it anyway. Period. So much for the religious freedom and « tolerance » that Ramadan is desperately trying to force upon Westerners. In other words, what Muslims mean by religious freedom is the possibility for them to impose their laws, their sharia, their Islamic veil, their sacred holidays, their prayers at whatever moment of the day and in whatever places they see fit, etc, that we, Westerners, have to accept in the name of so-called « openness ». But this principle of religious freedom doesn’t seem to work the other way around. If we, Westerners, want to express our religious freedom by visiting a holy place of Islam, even if it is only out of curiosity or for touristic experience, we can’t…unless Muslims permit it. Now you get the picture about religious freedom, Muslim style. Continuer la lecture