Addendum on ‘lone nut’/MK-Ultra sleeper Jared Loughner: A multi-fold operation?

Thanks to Dave Emory’s website, I learned that there has been another death these days that passed under the radar, due to the hysteria surrounding the ‘lone nut’ case of Jared Loughner. Ashley Turton, wife of Dan Turton, the White House liaison to the House of Representatives, was found dead in car ablaze on January 10th. Nobody speaks about it, though.

And concerning Jared Loughner, a newspaper article from the Globe and Mail of January 11th presents, again as it is always the case, this fellow as being a lone nut. Apparently, he would have made several remarks caracterized as « conspiray theory », expressing keys concepts such as mind-control, brainwashing, currencies not backed by gold or silver, etc. His classmates talk about him as being unstable, weird, etc.

Is it possible that this shooting was in fact a multi-fold operation in which certain elements of the rising fascim milieu would give warnings to certain people not to forget to walk strait, and, at the same time, take the opportunity to discredit the people who are interested in alternative news, conspiracy theories, investigative journalism, by characterizing them as being lone nuts? Take the time as well to read the comments in Dave Emory’s blog (the second link) on this, it is really instructive to see all the connections.




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