Anti-semitism in action: Useful fools of all trends unite in « Occupy Wall Street »

Last blog entry from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory informs us of an unfortunate development in the « Occupy Wall Street » protest, although not really surprising in the end. Apparently, anti-semitic rants and sentiments have begun to surface. The driving force of this protest, Kalle Lasn of AdBusters Magazine, has shown in the past signs of extreme anti-semitism. Lasn is from Estonia, and Lithuania, another of the three Baltic states, became the second fascist country in 1925. Emory also points out to the fact that both Nazis and Communists have endorsed the manifestation. On my part, in an earlier article, I have also underlined that these kind of marriages made in hell happen sometimes in the world of politics. And what better example to provide than Germany of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Communists and Nazis were then filling conference rooms where liberal democratic politicians were about to speak. At one given point, both types of activists were beginning to throw chairs and rumble to disrupt speeches. Jan Valtin has been a terrific witness to these events and you can get more details by visiting the page above. Here is Dave Emory’s latest blog entry, examples of what you can find in terms of anti-semitism in Occupy Wall Street and a series of letters to the editors written by National Post readers about Kalle Lasn.

Anti-Semitism (The Socialism of Fools)

Photo of anti-semite

Comparing Jews today to Nazis is shameless

Nigel Farage in Germany warning its people about the totalitarian nature of the EU

The excellent Nigel Farage is back at the plate. In this conference, cut in three parts for Youtube, Farage explains to the public what has to be understood about the European Union. First, it is not democratic. On the contrary, it is totalitarian in nature. Each of its country members has to surrender its sovereignty to the EU Parliament in Brussels. Laws that affect the millions of Europeans are passed by non-elected bureaucrats instead of being voted and passed by legitimate and duly elected representatives of each European country. Second, it is a failure, besides of the political one, both financially and economically, that leads countries to collapse and be bankrupt, to benefit Germany in the end. This way, willingly or unwillingly, Germany is taking over the economy of every bankrupt country of the Union and, according to Farage, the day is not far when all economic decisions will be made in Brussels. He also points out that the people who created the EU were not democrats. They were some sort of totalitarian schemers.

Well…if we look at what the EU is, politically, economically, financially, if we look at its symbols, etc, it reminds me of the Roman Empire. The logo makes one think to that image of the Book of Revelation about the « woman with twelve stars » above her head, or something like that. We can note as well that this symbolism is close to the one of the UN, anyway. It goes along the same lines. Continuity in thought? Also, we can all see on the map that the EU covers roughly the same territory as the one envisioned by Adolf Hitler for its Greater Germany. Just a coincidence? To make a long story short, I think there are powerful forces at work to turn Europe and each of its democratic countries into a unified totalitarian regime, fabricated with elements taken out of both communism and fascism. That’s probably why the EU is opening its doors so widely to welcome Jew-hating reactionary Muslims. They are pouring in by the millions to turn Europe into its medieval barbarism. Elements within post-war nazism and post-U.S.S.R. socialism have been busy behind the scenes to prepare for the destruction of Europe, and now they are inviting their « guests of honor », the Muslim bigots, to join in and help them with their enterprise. Continuer la lecture

The National Post stands on guard for you: Geopolitics 1.0

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My dear folks, I have discovered a fantastic newspaper. I got to tell you, you must become readers of the National Post. In just one or two issues you can find several excellent articles, while with other offers you would normally have to wait for a whole month before reading anything worth mentioning. It must be one of the most underrated newspapers of the world.

Anyhow, today, in the face of the constantly increasing propaganda, B.S., brainwash and deceptions polluting the corporate media and especially newspapers and television, I think it is relevant that I pinpoint to you a few articles that have appeared in the last days alone in the Post, that you should be aware of. The all deal more or less directly with liberal democracy being attacked, smeared, squeezed and cornered on all fronts. More specifically, you will find the never extinct totalitarian ideologies of the past, fascism, nazism, communism and now Islamism, that are trying to finish off democracy itself, by attacking its legitimacy, the morality of its politicians, its corruption, etc. All tricks in the books are used to try to get the world rid of the moderate/Center of the political spectrum, to pave the way for the installment of a totalitarian world. Whether it is a fascist, communist or Islamist concoction that wins the final battle for power is not the focal point for these anti-democracy crusaders at this time. Totalitarians have joined their forces to exterminate the liberals as they often call us. In effect, you will find many groups where people from the extreme-right mingle with others from the extreme-left and, evidently, Islamists. What makes it more difficult than ever for us to counteract their propaganda is the fact that it is more subtle than it ever was before. In fact, it has become so subtle that most of the liberals, progressives and soft leftists have fallen for it. Only the less naive and certain elements of the right still resist this corruptive and corrosive influence. Enjoy these articles. They present reality, not fiction. They share with you what you have to know about our world. They don’t have a mind-control agenda, none that I know of anyway.

Joshua Kurlantzick

Clifford May

George Jonas

Matt Gurney – Iran

Matt Gurney – The return of NDP’s anti-Israel fringe

Anti-semitic designer reveals his true nature on video

John Galliano won’t be able to pretend anymore. The Christian Dior designer has been caught pants down. His true anti-semitic nature has been revealed recently as a series of incidents in which he was involved surfaced to the courts and to the media. On february 28th, a video in which when can hear him saying that he loves Adolf Hitler was released on The Sun’s newspaper website and shattered the last doubts about his real worldview. Dior suspended the designer last friday.

Notice here the proximity between « fascism » and « fashion ». The links between the fashion industry and post-war nazism and fascism are all over the place. To begin with, roughly the vast majority of the most important brand names in fashion are either german or italian. Everybody knows that Germany and Italy were fascist regimes during WWII. Second, fashion presents and promotes a corporate capitalism philosophy. In its advertising campaigns, the fashion industry drives to a point of brainwashing and mind-control the public to buy its products. These merchandises are presented in a way that makes anyone not buying and wearing them feel socially unfit. You may point out here that every other industry in our mass-consumption society does that too. It is true. But they do that precisely because they have learned from the best, i.e. the fashion industry, among other social actors. So it comes as no surprise if, once in a while, especially when drunk or drugged, a designer or representative of this industry expresses anti-semitic, nazi/fascist comments. It is to be expected. Never forget that when you buy from these big corporations of the fashion industry, you are helping the Third Reich to continue building its financial muscle before the final takeover of the world. Maybe that would be a good idea if you would encourage instead a local designer who is struggling to make a living…and who is not a nazi. The second link brings you to a video where you can hear the heiress of Christian Dior fashion label in 1963 saying explicitely that she agrees with national-socialist ideas. She then will be marrying a British nazi.


‘Wickedleaks’ and the wolf behind the sheeps

For a complete and detailed analysis of the WikiLeaks circus, maze, merry-go-round, roller coaster or whatever, read that wonderful article of fascism studies specialist Dave Emory.


Trance Music, UFOs and the fascist agenda

Here is an extract of superstar DJ Armin Van Buuren. It is taken from a concert held in 2008 in the Netherlands, called Armin Only. You’ll see in this extract the use of technology, sound, light, to create a favorable atmosphere for a belief structure where UFOs are the next logical step. Check this moment when, after being presented by the synthetic voice, he appears behind his stage, as it lifts up from the underground, and the whole thing just looks like a UFO!

Sarah Palin and the blood libel controversy

The expression ‘blood libel’ refers to accusations that Jews kill Christian children in order to use their blood in rituals. That kind of accusation was very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. Obviously, it had no basis whatsoever. The weirdest thing in this case, is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who has been targetted in the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona, is Jewish. That leaves a strange feeling. On her facebook page, Palin declares: « Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn ». O.K. we agree…but I still think it smells bad.

Dave Emory, the eminent specialist on fascism studies, made a little research on Sarah Palin that he presented on his radio show, For the Record. In this show, he subtantiates her links to the umh…uhm…KKK and other right-wing organizations and the fascist milieu in general. Be sure to check that information before you make your mind.