Anti-semitic designer reveals his true nature on video

John Galliano won’t be able to pretend anymore. The Christian Dior designer has been caught pants down. His true anti-semitic nature has been revealed recently as a series of incidents in which he was involved surfaced to the courts and to the media. On february 28th, a video in which when can hear him saying that he loves Adolf Hitler was released on The Sun’s newspaper website and shattered the last doubts about his real worldview. Dior suspended the designer last friday.

Notice here the proximity between « fascism » and « fashion ». The links between the fashion industry and post-war nazism and fascism are all over the place. To begin with, roughly the vast majority of the most important brand names in fashion are either german or italian. Everybody knows that Germany and Italy were fascist regimes during WWII. Second, fashion presents and promotes a corporate capitalism philosophy. In its advertising campaigns, the fashion industry drives to a point of brainwashing and mind-control the public to buy its products. These merchandises are presented in a way that makes anyone not buying and wearing them feel socially unfit. You may point out here that every other industry in our mass-consumption society does that too. It is true. But they do that precisely because they have learned from the best, i.e. the fashion industry, among other social actors. So it comes as no surprise if, once in a while, especially when drunk or drugged, a designer or representative of this industry expresses anti-semitic, nazi/fascist comments. It is to be expected. Never forget that when you buy from these big corporations of the fashion industry, you are helping the Third Reich to continue building its financial muscle before the final takeover of the world. Maybe that would be a good idea if you would encourage instead a local designer who is struggling to make a living…and who is not a nazi. The second link brings you to a video where you can hear the heiress of Christian Dior fashion label in 1963 saying explicitely that she agrees with national-socialist ideas. She then will be marrying a British nazi.


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