Bill Warner: The classical culture was not taken down by « barbarians » but by Muslims…

A tremendous contribution to the understanding of the true nature of Islam. It is of Bill Warner’s educated judgement that the classical culture was not taken down by so-called « barbarians », such as the Germans, the Franks, the Ostrogoths, the Wisigoths and so on, but by Muslims through the jihadist expansion, rapid and spectacular, of Islam that occured from the 7th century to a few centuries ago. And that is yet another lie that is fed to us by our so-called university « teachers » and « scholars » and government officials. It is time to wake up and to reject this stack of propaganda.

Stephen Coughlin: The Boston Attack and Doctrines of “Individual Jihad”

Hang on, Colonel Ghadafi! You have to continue to fight back against Islamists!

Yes, dear readers. Ghadafi MUST continue fighting the Islamo-fascists that are trying to take over the country. It is a question of life and death for western civilization! We are assisting now at an attempt to recreate the Ottoman Empire, through a Caliphate that would begin at the Detroit of Gibraltar to end at the confines of China. An immense land-mass, the Earth Island as it is called, containing the biggest concentration of natural resources, of oil, of land, etc, where unadulterated Islamic beliefs and practises, Sharia, would be the law of the land. An Empire where pure corporate capitalism would have the time of its life, free to conquer, submit, destroy and exterminate at will! Really, you have to continue the fight, Ghadafi. You might be our last hope to avoid such a nightmare. If Libya stays strong, firm, defiant, it might be enough to sabotage this attempt by the forces of darkness to corrupt the world more than it already is and to bring it to total destruction. Keep fighting back! Stay strong! The future of the whole world is on your shoulders! Check these articles where Ghadafi is seen arriving in a hotel in Tripoli, his fists high in the air in sign of combat and defiance. Really, that expresses beautifully the spirit of resistance!



Karl Rove and the Piggy back Coup

« Things don’t happen. They are made to happen » – JFK

This quote from JFK sums up very well the events in North Africa. As we can see here with Dave Emory’s last show and post, these events were in preparation since at least a couple of years, and they are now implemented according to the calendar that had been set up from the start. The Third Reich of today is simply continuing the agenda set forth by the Robber Barons of Wall Street in the 1910’s and 1920’s. Following the implementation of the Webb-Pomerene Act of 1918 that created loopholes in earlier anti-trust laws, such as the Sherman Act and the Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914, the Robber Barons created three mafias, the Nazis, the Bolsheviks and Islamic fanatic organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood to be able to create and maintain cartels overseas (see John Loftus’ America Nazi’s Secret). The Robber Barons’ successors probably want now to unite Africa under Islam to be able to syphon off all of its wealth. It is incredible the naivety with which people let themselves be duped by the machinations of the operatives of these transnational corporations. People don’t use their brain. They let themselves be carried away by emotions engineered and manufactured in the labs of the Third Reich. They forget to reflect on events to see who will profit from them.

I am sorry to say that, unfortunately, Obama has probably been set up to play the role of the ship’s fool. Just seeing the other day when he decorated G.H.W. Bush with the Medal of Freedom was surreal. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Either he is in fact in league with these people or, as Emory suggests, he has been badjacketed to a point where he is completely discredited and turned into derision.

The fascism/fascination with which crowds are ousting Presidents one after the other in Africa gives me the impression that the Third Reich has probably reconsidered its links to catholicism, among others. Traditionaly, power has always been shared, and it is universal in evolved societies, with a bicephalous structure: secular power on one side and religious power on the other, whatever it is. I wonder if a decision hasn’t not been made to replace christian faiths, which have taken a more center-left approach since the ’60, with Islam, which is definitely more traditional. The fact that Christians are massacred throughout the world today by Muslim supporters could be seen as an indication of that. Religion is opium for the people and as Emory says, the first refuge of a scoundrel. Religion serves the interests of the people running the show on the global theater, if it presents an agenda compatible with theirs. Listen to this great radio show by Dave Emory, leading expert on fascism:


Muslim Brotherhood style democracy

Latest blog entry from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory. Two things here to focus your attention. First, Emory presents the Hamas Charter, which is nothing else than the old anti-semitic routine that we have heard so much through centuries, and lately with nazism. Second, there is a link to a video on LiveLeak, which shows an execution of Fatah operatives by Hamas troops. It seems that Hamas don’t try to negociate, make deals, have a discussion or a vote. They are not interested with accommodations, middle grounds or any such thing that we are used to in democratic societies. They make the law as it used to be in Antiquity.

Question: Are you sure Israel and the Jews are the bad guys with people like that around? Well, you should check your facts again. A good site to help you with that is HonestReporting. They debunk anti-Israel propaganda that comes from the Middle East and they report it as soon as it comes. So first check Dave Emory’s blog entry and then pay a visit to HonestReporting: