Update on North American Gestapo: are TSA agents the new Mecca for perverts, deviants and power-trippers?

© Fabrizio Mariani | Dreamstime.com

Look at these TSA agents stripsearching a child… What are you trying to accomplish here, guys? Do you really think we don’t see that you are taking « secondary benefits » by « enforcing » the law? This stripsearch is absolutely outrageous. Anyone can see that your organisation, the TSA, has become a repair of deviants and perverts, in this case pedophiles we might say… Have you lost all decency? The laws that have been passed in the U.S. give a free pass to all kinds of practises that are only too reminiscent of Nazi Germany. It is only the uniform that has changed. Not only children are stripsearched but elders, the disabled and the sick, people in wheelchairs as well… But during this time, Muslims can get a free pass without searches as you can see in the second video shot at Montreal’s Trudeau airport. Curiously, it is the ordinary citizens who are stripsearched, not the people likely of being terrorists. What the hell does that mean, if not that in fact you are protecting your own people? In Canada, we have an agency called CATSA that apparently, according to travellers, enforces exactly the same procedures. As citizens, as free men and women, we have to react against these abuses. I would say this: don’t take the plane. Vote with your wallet. When the airports are empty because we have decided not to accept to be treated like prisoners in a concentration or extermination camp or like animals in a slaughterhouse, they will have no choice but to re-evaluate their policies. The third video shows a breastfeeding mother forced to wait for 42 minutes in a special room because she refuses that her milk passes through the scanner, which is a source of radiation. Disgusting. Stand up and fight folks!

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