Nadia Ali and the real nature of Arab culture, part II: please rise and…

The other day, I presented to you the beautiful and sexy Sila Sahin, a German young woman of Turkish origin. In this video shot by Playboy, you can see how she « resists » to Islamism and Islam in general. How? By showing her body, her hair, her ass, her breasts, which are all very beautiful. Today, again, I strike back with beautiful Libyan Nadia Ali, born of Pakistani parents. You see, that’s how you counteract Islam, not by doing compromises, deals, negociations, accommodations, etc, but by sabotaging it from the inside, and the key is sexuality. Sexuality destroys fascism like water destroys everything in its path when a tsunami occurs. That’s what we need to get rid of fascism, a tsunami of sexuality and pleasure brought by millions of sexy women from all origins but especially from the Middle East. Being the most beautiful women on Earth, they have the power to transform it completely. Come on, show us your breasts, your ass, your hair! Help us fight back against totalitarian ideologies and religious bigotry! Be the image of God!

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