Robert Spencer: How the ‘Palestinians’ were invented…

The Soviet Union with the help of Yasser Arafat created the ‘Palestinians’ out of thin air to be able to delegitimize and propagandize against the state of Israel. Those that we call ‘Palestinians’ were referring to themselves, in 1947, as Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians, etc. Nobody thought of himself as a ‘Palestinian’. The Soviet Union and the Eastern Block were able to do that by exploiting the remnants of WWII antisemitism and by tapping into the endless reservoir of hatred for the Jews that lies in the Koran and in the religion of Islam and that you can find in any Arab-Muslim country to this day.

Andy Bostom on John Brennan’s abuse of classified information, on Secure Freedom Radio

If you listen to that show, one thing will become very clear. At the top of western countries, a lot of them, we find people who are nothing short of communists. From their places of power and influence, they can empower and enable islamists and shariah-adherent operatives and use them to terrorize our population to force them into submission. Islamists are hired guns. They couldn’t do anything if they were not enabled by people from our own ranks who have betrayed western civilization and its values. That’s the Red-Green Axis in its full deployment. John Brennan is one of the many people who went down that road. Now it’s easy to understand what really took place during the Obama years, why it happened and how. All those years we couldn’t make heads or tails with what the Obama Administration was doing while it was in our face all along. The Arab Spring and the rising of ISIS didn’t happen spontaneously. The Obama Administration made it happen, and now the whole planet it stuck with the problem. To continue your research, I also provide the link for an article by Andy Bostom on this very subject:

John Brennan’s Useful Idiocy For Stalinism and Sharia

Entrevue avec Suzanne Bousquet sur le racket des certifications halal et casher

En complément de ce qui est dit ici, on doit rajouter ce que j’appelerais le problème de la consécration des aliments. L’islam est un syncrétisme religieux qui est le produit de l’addition d’éléments provenant entre autres du judaïsme, du christianisme et de certaines pratiques magiques qui étaient présentes dans les cultes païens au Moyen-Orient à l’époque de Mahomet. On connaît tous la pratique de la bénédiction dans le christianisme où l’on voit un prêtre bénir la nourriture avant la consomption. Cette bénédiction a pour but de consacrer la nourriture pour qu’elle soit une source de réconfort et qu’elle nourrisse bien. Or, dans l’islam (le problème ne se pose pas vraiment dans le judaïsme), il y a souvent des prières ou des incantations où les fidèles demandent à Allah de détruire les Infidèles. Si un imam pratique dans un établissement où il y a production de nourriture, ce genre de pensées chargées négativement se retrouvent forcément dans les aliments, ce qui ne peut manquer de causer des maladies, des malaises et des problèmes de toutes sortes chez les populations non-musulmanes qui les consomment. Ainsi, on peut facilement considérer que la nourriture halal est potentiellement impropre à la consommation pour les non-musulmans, en plus de tous les autres problèmes.

Mark Steyn – « The End of the World as We Know It »

Filmed in 2010, this interview is still as relevant as if it had been recorded yesterday.

Interview with Jason Reza Jorjani about Zarathustra and Iran

The timing for the presentation of this interview couldn’t be more perfect. Now that the Iranian people is getting to the streets to protest against the tyrannical islamist regime in power in Iran, recalling the 2009 Green Revolution, it is time for the Iranians to rediscover their origins, their history, their culture. To sum things up, it is time for them to rediscover their soul. Nobody is in a better position to help them to do so than their great spiritual figure and national hero, Zarathustra. One of the great founders of civilizations, Zarathustra created a new religion based on his observations of human nature, of life and of spiritual experience. The ethos of Zoroastrianism is different from the one of other religions such as Hindouism, Bouddhism, Judaism, Christianity or Islam. As a matter of fact, to my knowledge, that ethos is specific to Zoroastrianism. It doesn’t exist anywhere else, not in this form anyway. It will be a long way before Iranians can get rid completely of Islam on their land. It will be a long and very painful battle. And it can only be accomplish if the people of Iran, individually and collectively, descend deep inside their souls to rediscover who they really are, suppressed and choked by decades and centuries of islamist tyranny. Jorjani says about Zarathustra that he was seing himself as somebody fighting against ‘forces of ignorance and deceit’ and ‘forces of darkness’. Jorjani begins the interview by recalling the immense service that the great German philosopher Nietzsche made to modern consciousness by writing a novel about Zarathustra in which he is its central character. The time has come for the Iranian people to awake from their sleep. Freedom is calling, to open the doors of consciousness, enlightenment and intelligence. The Kingdom of Persia never was a democracy, we all get that. But at least its citizens were free to be Iranians with their culture and civilization and that’s a lot. The time has come for the islamist regime to pack up its boxes and leave. History is waiting for the great return of Zarathustra and its ethos. If it is the first time that you hear Jason Reza Jorjani, I suggest a couple of interviews he gave on their airwaves of Red Ice Radio in recent years.

Entrevue avec Bernard Lugan sur l’Algérie

L’érudit présente ici son dernier livre, Algérie, l’histoire à l’endroit. Précédée d’une capsule sur les Croisades, l’entrevue débute vers les 19:00 minutes. Une des forces du livre de Bernard Lugan est de rappeler aux lecteurs que les populations d’Afrique du Nord en grande majorité ne sont pas des arabes sur le plan ethnique mais bien plutôt des berbères qui ont été arabisés et islamisés de force.