Julian Assange, Santiniketan Park Association kids and Dance Music

Julian Assange is probably one of the strangest birds, to use Dave Emory’s formulation, to have flown around for a long time. Everything about him is strange, physiologically and psychologically. Among other things, his platinum blond hair color is definitely a distinctive character of his. According to Dave Emory’s research and findings, Assange has been raised in a cult called the Santiniketan Park Association, a mind-control cult leaded by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. By mind-control one has to understand the use of techniques, similar to what we could expect from programs such as MK-ULTRA, to break up the mind and subjugate and submit the personality to the will of the group. Depravation of sleep, of food, abuse, torture and rape of any kinds are standard methods. The organization seems to have links with the intelligence community, the Australian secret service among others, and also with Swedish fascist financier Carl Lundstrom, and pharmaceutical company Sandoz which has put together LSD. The cult provides multiple identities and passports for the children they raise. When children don’t have natural blond hair, Hamilton-Byrne has a dye given to them which indicates a kind of obsession there reminiscent of the Third Reich. I encourage you to read the complete post written by Dave Emory and listen to the show about it here, for you to see who Assange really is and understand all the connections. The second link here shows you a picture provided by a listener of his show, For the Record, that seems to portray what appears to be a younger Julian Assange. The resemblance is certainly striking.

Also, I am proposing to you a couple of Dance Music videos in which we can see dancers wearing platinum blond hair. Is this only a coincidence or the entertainment industry has links with the Santiniketan Park Association and a similar agenda, I don’t know. But it is certainly curious. The first video is of Dutch DJ artist Armin van Buuren and the second is of British Pop singer Lolene.

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