Beautiful animated presentation on the delegitimization of Israel: anti-semitism is on the rise

Presented by Concept Wizard. Now that anti-semitism is back on track, due to the treasonous behavior of the European Union in favor of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to the hatred that is coming from Muslim groups, populations and countries, to the activism of the Third Reich/Bormann Capital Network which continues to encourage the hatred of the Jews as its long-term agenda, Jews and Israel are in danger. If you haven’t done it yet, you must wake up! Messengers of deceptions are at work! Jews and Israel are not the problem on Earth. Human culture is! That’s why everyone must look into their own backyard to see want they could change to make the world a better place. Jews have the right to have their own state. Israel is as legitimate as any other state. Open your eyes before your energy, money and talents are used to exterminate the Jews. Because, you know what? For those who spread anti-semitism, you’re next to the slaughter if you don’t obey everything they say. For them, humans are animals. Open your eyes and fight back!

Pipeline of Hatred

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. I am definitely tired of struggling to find relevant and intelligent commentary on this subject. Everyone nowadays goes to the very far extremes to either drive home their viewpoint of that everybody else in the globe is wrong. Thanks for your consise and relevant insight.

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