Center for Security Policy Stephen Coughlin: An exegesis of Shariah Law and what it means for westerners

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Frank Gaffney’s Monologues: If We Lose Our Freedom of Speech, We Lose Everything

He is absolutely right. Think about it folks before giving your consent or approval to laws, principals, rules, accommodations, arrangements, etc, that go against the laws and constitutions of our countries and that are often in direct contradiction with the values of western civilization. Stand up for democracy while you still can. Here is Frank Gaffney on The Frank Gaffney Show.

Frank Gaffney on freedom of speech

Video presentation about the necessity of defensible borders for Israel

Check this video presentation about Israel defensible borders. It shows clearly why Obama’s proposal is not realistic at all. In fact, it is suicidal and Netanyahu would be an idiot to accept that. I begin to suspect that Obama might be too much under the influence of people like Karl Rove or Grover Norquist, who are working to please America’s Muslim business partners around the world. Obama’s proposal falls clearly under the agenda of the OIC, the Arab League and the Bormann Capital Network and all their nazi friends. The retreat of Israel to pre-1967 borders is crazyness. To call for that is a call for the destruction of Israel and the mass-extermination of its inhabitants. That would certainly please the Third Reich and the millions of anti-semites and Nazis that populate the Earth. The presentation is short but effective and clear. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

The TransCanada Corporation pipeline project: it’s way better to shed oil than blood

Yesterday’s Globe and Mail edition featured an article on oil spills that have happened recently in relation with the North American pipeline that is in the process of being completed. Among recent spills, we have had incidents in a Michigan river, a Chicago suburb, a small ranch and a forest in Alberta and now in North Dakota. As it was to be expected, many have expressed reservations in regards with the pipeline industry, doubting that the activity in itself is anything but secure. Elizabeth May of the Green Party took the opportunity to celebrate her victory in the last elections by presenting the known propaganda line of the Green movement and, after all, she has been elected to do just that. I don’t have a problem with it.

What I have a problem with is, again, the lack of long-term vision that affects a lot of Canadians when comes the time of studying and analysing a situation. Terrorism and Islamic civilization-jihadism is sponsored by oil producer countries, namely Arab and Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, states of the Gulf, Iran, possibly Pakistan, and others that we don’t know. What we are trying to do in America by constructing this pipeline is to become independent vis à vis these countries that sponsor terrorism and that use the oil supply to exert threats and blackmail on western countries. To give the example of Europe, it seems rather too late for them, if we are to judge on the fact that they have embraced the campaign of delegitimization of Israel put forward by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Being dependent on the oil coming from the countries of the OIC, the European Union has committed treason on their citizens by accepting that Europe would be progressively assimilated by Islam and its values. We can see it by the enormous amount of immigrants that pour in every year coming from Arab and Muslims countries. These immigrants are arabizing and islamizing Europe, and its leaders don’t do anything to counter that, because they are complicit. They have struck a deal with the OIC and they have to keep their end of the bargain. Is it what you would like to happen to North America, to have a bunch of mullahs and imams setting their agenda on us, to be able to islamize and assimilate our countries? Continuer la lecture

Beautiful animated presentation on the delegitimization of Israel: anti-semitism is on the rise

Presented by Concept Wizard. Now that anti-semitism is back on track, due to the treasonous behavior of the European Union in favor of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to the hatred that is coming from Muslim groups, populations and countries, to the activism of the Third Reich/Bormann Capital Network which continues to encourage the hatred of the Jews as its long-term agenda, Jews and Israel are in danger. If you haven’t done it yet, you must wake up! Messengers of deceptions are at work! Jews and Israel are not the problem on Earth. Human culture is! That’s why everyone must look into their own backyard to see want they could change to make the world a better place. Jews have the right to have their own state. Israel is as legitimate as any other state. Open your eyes before your energy, money and talents are used to exterminate the Jews. Because, you know what? For those who spread anti-semitism, you’re next to the slaughter if you don’t obey everything they say. For them, humans are animals. Open your eyes and fight back!

Pipeline of Hatred