Fouad Ajami on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A fine example of true and honest journalism

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After my last « ordeal » with the Globe and Mail, in which I was totally disgusted and revolted by their coverage of the terrorist group Hamas, this article by Fouad Ajami came as a relief and a great pleasure. Finally some fresh air! Finally some reporting that was dedicated to present the situation as it is, not as the journalist or the media would like it to be. Hamas is not a benevolent group. It is aimed at the destruction of Israel and nothing one says can’t change anything about it. This article is fantastic, not particularly for new material, special insights or anything that it would be presenting, but rather because of its dedication to true journalism. While reading it, you won’t get the impression that it is a work of propaganda or something influenced by politics. It’s real reporting. The history of Israel is accurate, the chain of events is honestly presented and the diagnosis for today’s situation is relevant. I encourage you to read this article. It is good. A friend of mine told me that the National Post is the best newspaper in the English language. I don’t know if that’s true but it is certainly close. Thumbs up for a great job, Post!

Fouad Ajami on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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