Obama’s policy on the Middle East: Three strikes out?

Here are two videos. The first shows Obama during the adress when he uttered the famous « 1967 lines » for the borders of Israel. The second is Obama’s presentation at AIPAC a few days later when he tried to say that he didn’t say what he said… I don’t know about you but I begin to turn sour about Obama. His Cairo speech was dubious but at that time, I wasn’t ready to think that he would put into jeopardy the future of the world. I thought he would favor an evolution of the situation in the Middle East, a resolution of the conflict. But still, it was kind of strike 1. Then happened the uprisings in North Africa. At this occasion, he could have taken the opportunity to warn the world and the American public about terrorist groups or Islamist/reactionary elements that could try to take advantage of these « revolutions » to further their own agenda. Did he do it? No, he endorsed the uprisings, he vouched for them regardless of whoever was involved, whatever their political platforms were, whatever their backgrounds were. Was it enough to throw the towel with Obama? No, that could still turn out good for the world, we would have to wait and see. But still, that was strike 2. And now, with that proposition on the 1967 lines, the terrible fiasco that it produced with Netanyahu during his last visit and the vote that is coming to the UN in september, I think that’s it. Three strikes out! I don’t see how this guy could be re-elected as President for another term. The world is more unstable now since he is in office, much more than when Bush was there… Can you imagine that? But, what is Obama’s agenda anyway? Are you sure that you know what it is? Because, speaking for myself, I don’t know. Is he an Islamist? Possibly. It’s beginning to be dubious and scary. He acts almost as if he would like the Islamists throughout the Middle East to get a firmer grip on their societies, at the detriment of pro-democratic elements and the West as a whole. After you watch these two, don’t forget to watch as well the marvelous presentation that Netanyahu gave to U.S. Congress a few days later. He took the opportunity then to retort as a real head of State can only do.

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