Roots The Club in Gaza City: Tales from the biggest open-air concentration camp in the world, strike 2

My dear friends, I have got to tell you something, I was so shocked by the images that you are about to see! Oh, my god! Can you imagine for a second the suffering that these poor Gazans must endure? Do you realize how barbaric Israelis must be, yes, these despicable and cruel beings, to let the inhabitants of Gaza go through such trials, tribulations and pain? Because, yeah, evidently, we all in good faith would think that the Israelis, even as cruel, heartless and savage as they we know them, would let Gazans at least get some food, more or less edible but still, some not too-contaminated water and a few rag of clothes to cover their meager bodies. But no…It appears that the Israelis don’t have any values at all, no decency, no heart, no compassion. You see, they would rather let these poor Gazans die out of hunger, disease and despair rather than to show some good faith and help them! And not only the Israelis have the guts to control the whole media in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, but adding to that, they also go to the extreme of letting starve to death the weakest and most vulnerable of all among us, the Gazans and Palestinians! And I am not even mentioning all the occasions where they could have spared lives in the Occupied Territories but chose instead to murder innocent people at random, just for the simple pleasure of taking lives and spilling blood! Frankly, these Israelis should be ashamed of themselves. Look at these pictures from Roots The Club in Gaza City, and tell me that you can stand seeing these innocent concentration camp prisoners being abused so much?

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