Symphony-X on the Electric Messiah

On this blog, I am trying to bring you only the best of human culture. Through science, rational thought, critical thinking, studies in literature, psychology, religious studies, and wisdom and judgement that come from a life dedicated to the pursuit of the truth, I think that I can pretend that you can find on this site only the best things possible, at least I hope. In a world dominated by millions of lies and deceptions, I stand as a lighthouse in the darkest of seas. But I am not alone. I consider the people that I reference regularly on this blog as my friends, collaborators, colleagues, companions of arms, or whatever expression best fits. They too are lighthouses and they shed light on the same darkest sea, close to my waters or further away. We are only a few left that have not been yet subjugated, brainwashed, mind-controlled, submitted, crushed, dominated, etc, by the powers of the Beast. And time is running short. That’s why, if you have to experience an awakening, a rebirth, I suggest that you do it now, before it is too late and the forces of darkness are too much advanced to be able for you to counter them. Now is the time. I am trying to bring, for everyone, a platform for the awakening of the faculties of understanding and awareness. This is an incredible opportunity for you to make such a leap, if you haven’t been there yet. I offer you this song by Symphony-X to stimulate your reflection. It talks about the arrival of a Messiah figure during an electronic age. Is this the Messiah or the Anti-Christ? Am I liberated or enchained by what I believe in?

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