Interview with Kevin Mottus and Dr. Paul Héroux about electromagnetic radiation on SFR

This interview is extremely, extremely relevant. Take the time to listen to it because your future depends on it. Right off the bat, I must say that I feel vindicated by the diagnosis presented here by Kevin Mottus and Dr. Paul Héroux. What they say is basically what I have been suspecting and saying for years. Personally, every time I tried to talk about this issue or raise awareness about it, people either laughed at me or brushed it off as irrelevant. But now we have two eminent figures in the domain of science, along with a lot of their colleagues and other scientists who are presenting, based on evidence, the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic radiation coming from either cell phones, Wi-Fi networks, internet of things, etc. The dangers to health and in some cases even leading to cancer are obvious as you will see if you listen to this two-part interview on Secure Freedom Radio. I will also provide you with the links for the three websites that Kevin Mottus is suggesting where you can find and read relevant scientific information and studies about this subject.

Before I let you do just that, there are a certain number of things I would like to say about this issue. First, the most obvious thought that can occur to anyone is that we are facing the same kind of problem that we experience with second-hand smoke. Effectively, even if you are not using a cell phone or a domestic Wi-Fi network yourself, you are still being exposed to the radiation of people around you using these technologies. Take an average day for a working man or woman. That person takes the subway in the morning, is exposed to the radiation of hundreds of people using their cell phones to end up at work were a private Wi-Fi network is functioning. At the end of the day, that person takes again the subway to be still radiated. In other terms, you can’t choose to live without being exposed to electromagnetic radiation because we live in a soup of radiation due to the technology choices that we have made. The only solution would be to live in the woods but in the modern world, it is rather difficult.

Second, certain tools developed recently are particularly scary. Bluetooth is a good example. Bluetooth allow wireless communication between electronic things. You may have seen headphones functioning with that technology. Well…as you wear that piece of equipment on your head, it means that electromagnetic waves are coming right to your skull, increasing the risk for you of developing brain cancer and other problems. I guess it’s probably what Simon and Garfunkel meant when they sang: ‘This is the sound of silence‘…Also, during the interview, one of the guest mentions the possibility that your car, equipped with wireless technology, may be taken control of by some third party, causing the car to crash or be stopped and that is a concern.

Third, another thing that is mentioned in the interview is that optical fiber could replace wireless technology. On the technical level, I am not sure I understand how a mobile device could function with optical fiber. That deserves to be explained a little more and I am sure that Frank Gaffney, the host of Secure Freedom Radio, will make at least a few sequels to that interview to flesh out the alternatives to the current technology.

Fourth, as explained by guests Kevin Mottus and Paul Héroux, the communications industry is pushing to implement their ‘5G’ Wi-Fi networks while the previous networks were already too strong and dangerous for all living beings. Just think for example about all birds, insects and marine animals that got off track their migration routes to end up dying on beaches, rocks, buildings, basically in the wrong places. One elements that Dr. Héroux mentions that captivates my curiosity is the question of the functioning of enzymes in the body. Because, if electromagnetic radiation can alter and damage the heart and the brain, there is no reason they wouldn’t damage also other things such as internal organs, skin, etc. For example, we know that certain enzymes are playing an active role in the digestion of lactose. If people don’t have these enzymes, they can’t digest lactose properly and then they have diverse symptoms of uneasyness and become what is called lactose intolerant. How do we know the malfunctioning of these enzymes responsible for the digestion of lactose is not caused by their mutation due to electronic radiation? That is a good question. In the same category, we have seen the development of a whole series of allergies to food products in recent years. Is it due to that as well or are there other factors involved, such as chemicals used in the agriculture industry?

Fifth, there are also national security concerns related to that. You know very well that we are in war (a cold, unrestricted or asymmetrical war) with rogues states such as Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Of course, it stands to reason that if they see that we are using technologies that are potentially harmful to us, they will try to use them against us. I think it is fair to assume that they have been doing just that for several years. In this subject, see me earlier posts about the use of sonic technology by Cuba on american diplomats and the use of energy weapons against former NSA agent Karen Stewart.

As you can see, there is a lot to investigate here and it is urgent. In finishing, I will tell you a few anecdotes. Sometimes, there is nothing like an anecdote to illuminate one’s mind. I used a cell phone in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s and every time I was speaking on the phone, my tympanum was vibrating, to stop immediately when I hung up. This problem didn’t occur again with ulterior versions of cell phones, however. More recently, a few years ago, here in that part of the world, the state electric utility company decided to install ‘smart meters’ on homes to replace the old ones functioning the old-fashioned way, i.e. mechanically. I was not noticed in advance when the change would come. Well…I was having breakfast some day and suddenly I felt something really weird in my stomach. I was under the impression that there was some kind of presence in the backyard, somebody or something there. So I got up and opened the backdoor…to realize that an employee of that company was installing these new smart readers at the neighbour’s house. That tells you that if your body can feel those waves, they have an impact on you, whether you want it or not. So in order, the interview with Kevin Mottus and Dr. Paul Héroux (find the interview in the last two segments) and the three websites recommended by Kevin Mottus to find relevant information on the subject.

Kevin Mottus and Dr. Paul Héroux on Secure Freedom Radio

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