David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman analyze the match between SARS-CoV-2 and Chromosome 8 sequences

I am glad that David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman decided to film an interview to speak about that incredible breakthrough that has been made in the comprehension of the Coronavirus hoax. In effect, I was writing in this recent article that the genetic sequence that is presented as belonging to SARS-CoV-2 is absolutely identical to chromosome 8, according to documents provided by the NCBI, the WHO and the Pasteur Institute themselves. In other terms, our own DNA is being targeted as being «the virus». This incredible finding was published back in April on the Pieceofmind.com blog but was completely ignored by everybody both in the mainstream press and official medical professions. Ironically, only people outside of the recognized medical establishment seemed to care about it. So the first video features the interview of Dr. Andrew Kaufman by David Icke in which they analyze into details the importance of that finding, both in scientific and sociological terms. That video ends with David Icke addressing the question of the role played by the subconscious in the deployment of the Coronavirus masquerade. So I thought it would be relevant to suggest a second video in which Icke talks about the role of the subconcious more generally when humans have to deal with lies, propaganda and fear, as it is the case these days with the Covid-19 hoax. Please share these videos on all platforms and thanks to David Icke and Andrew Kaufman for reacting so rapidly.

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