La méditation du dimanche: A State of Trance 650 – New Horizons – Utrecht

La prestation complète de l’événement A State of Trance à Utrecht, qui donne plus de onze heures de musique. Pour les mordus d’Armin van Buuren, vous retrouverez sa performance vers les 4hrs 45 mins à 6 hrs du début du vidéo. De toute évidence, un spectacle grandiose. Bonne écoute.

Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance Official Podcast Episodes 189 and 207

Once in a while, I will bring you music that I like and that, in my opinion, brings a positive energy and attitude. Trance Music is one of these. It brings people together, makes them happy and relaxed. It is definitely the best of all the subgenres that emerged from the Electronic Music scene. Two thumbs up! Here are two samples of the excellent Armin van Buuren.