Anti-semitism in action: Useful fools of all trends unite in « Occupy Wall Street »

Last blog entry from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory informs us of an unfortunate development in the « Occupy Wall Street » protest, although not really surprising in the end. Apparently, anti-semitic rants and sentiments have begun to surface. The driving force of this protest, Kalle Lasn of AdBusters Magazine, has shown in the past signs of extreme anti-semitism. Lasn is from Estonia, and Lithuania, another of the three Baltic states, became the second fascist country in 1925. Emory also points out to the fact that both Nazis and Communists have endorsed the manifestation. On my part, in an earlier article, I have also underlined that these kind of marriages made in hell happen sometimes in the world of politics. And what better example to provide than Germany of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Communists and Nazis were then filling conference rooms where liberal democratic politicians were about to speak. At one given point, both types of activists were beginning to throw chairs and rumble to disrupt speeches. Jan Valtin has been a terrific witness to these events and you can get more details by visiting the page above. Here is Dave Emory’s latest blog entry, examples of what you can find in terms of anti-semitism in Occupy Wall Street and a series of letters to the editors written by National Post readers about Kalle Lasn.

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Photo of anti-semite

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