Anti-semitism in action: Useful fools of all trends unite in « Occupy Wall Street »

Last blog entry from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory informs us of an unfortunate development in the « Occupy Wall Street » protest, although not really surprising in the end. Apparently, anti-semitic rants and sentiments have begun to surface. The driving force of this protest, Kalle Lasn of AdBusters Magazine, has shown in the past signs of extreme anti-semitism. Lasn is from Estonia, and Lithuania, another of the three Baltic states, became the second fascist country in 1925. Emory also points out to the fact that both Nazis and Communists have endorsed the manifestation. On my part, in an earlier article, I have also underlined that these kind of marriages made in hell happen sometimes in the world of politics. And what better example to provide than Germany of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Communists and Nazis were then filling conference rooms where liberal democratic politicians were about to speak. At one given point, both types of activists were beginning to throw chairs and rumble to disrupt speeches. Jan Valtin has been a terrific witness to these events and you can get more details by visiting the page above. Here is Dave Emory’s latest blog entry, examples of what you can find in terms of anti-semitism in Occupy Wall Street and a series of letters to the editors written by National Post readers about Kalle Lasn.

Anti-Semitism (The Socialism of Fools)

Photo of anti-semite

Comparing Jews today to Nazis is shameless

Hitler Lives: A 1945 propaganda movie…or the wolves in sheeps clothing

This fantastic little film made in 1945 just after the war is a fine example of classic propaganda. The enemy is demonized, portrayed as the ultimate evil, etc. But the problem is that…roughly, it’s true. Germans are a ruthless people. They are as savage as any other nation with imperialistic ambitions can be. They want to conquer the world and rule it as emperors and dictators, not as liberal democrats. Starting in 1870, they were at the onset of every major conflict in the world. And if you look at their mythology, the Nordic/Germanic/Scandinavian myths, legends and stories, you will see that there is no trace of democracy, freedom of speech, love of one’s neighbour, sharing or giving to people in need. This mythology presents stories of warriors who fought to win. Period. There is no project of civilization, no one for the betterment of mankind, nothing in terms of social progress. In fact, the mythology is the complete opposite of the Judeo-Christian tradition in which the things that I have mentioned are important and take a central role. No. The Nordic/Germanic/Scandinavian mythology aims at one thing: conquer and rule. So it is no surprise if Germans tried on three different occasions in the last century to install their domination over the world.

One element that is tremendously important in this movie, is the assumption that Nazis are now (in 1945) in America planning for the next war. The film shows images of Nazi Party rallies in the U.S. where the swastika and the U.S. flag are side by side. And the narrator goes on to say that now they (the Nazis) are among us, trying to set the conditions necessary for them to establish their fascist state. Well…when you look at all the events that took place since 1945 in the U.S. and throughout the world, one has to be a fool to think that it is not exactly what has been taken place. Just think how our rights have diminished and are ridiculed now. Certain things that are going on today would have been literally impossible in the ’70 when I was a little kid. And when you look at the general level of intelligence, understanding and awareness that standard citizens possess today compared to what it was in the ’70 at the height of the Flower Power movement, of the Return-to-the-Land movement, etc, you will see that that level has decreased significantly. Conversations on politics, values and moral issues that were standard, normal and appreciated in these days are now marginal, exceptional and sometimes judged non-relevant, non-productive, boring or even suspect, curious, or labelled as « conspiracy theory ». Continuer la lecture

Rupert Murdoch and News of the World: Was he running his own intelligence service?

I have only a few questions regarding Rupert Murdoch and his newspaper News of the World. Because, let’s speak frankly here (you know how much I like to do it!) from the outside, that’s exactly what it looks like, an intelligence service. Phone hacking, email hacking, etc, that’s what intelligence agencies do for a living. The real question is whether Murdoch was doing it for an official established governmental agency or if it was his own thing. Unless it was somebody else’s? We must never forget that Prince Alwaleed from Saudi Arabia, who is an Islamist linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, is the second largest shareholder. Was Alwaleed running the operation behind Murdoch’s back? That is a possibility. Anyhow, it seems now that the curtain has fallen on Murdoch or the one(s) running that show. After all, if you spy on people, you have to make sure that you don’t get caught, otherwise you’re going down with the plane (so to speak).

And while it is all very interesting to speculate about these possibilities, something really big happened as the scandal was unfolding. The media, as usual, either slept on the switch or avoided to touch it by fear of retaliation, cowardice, lazyness or anything of that sort. I am talking about the mysterious death of the whistleblower, Sean Hoare, who initiated the scandal that led to Murdoch’s demise that we are seeing today. You don’t need a Ph.D. in criminology or political science to see that he was liquidated. By whom? Hard to say with precision, but members of Murdoch’s empire, of the British government, of the Police, of the Secret Service, in other terms anyone who find themselves today in deep shit because of the reporting of this journalist who only did his job. In a previous post, I praised the work of whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds, Julia Davis and Steve Kohn who have shown the true nature of whistleblowing. It is sad that Sean Hoare had to die because he reported on misdeeds happening in his own country, but you have to realize that it is not a good period for democracy on Earth. Liberal democracy is under attack and everybody seem to behave as totalitarians, even those who sincerely try to maintain democracy.

Now, I formally ask the question: Where were you, the media, when the news came out that this whistleblower, Sean Hoare, was found dead? Even the excellent National Post didn’t cover it. Heeeeelllllooooo!!! Are everybody on vacation in the media at this time of year in the whole world? Apparently not when it is time to report sensationalist news about Rupert Murdoch’s demise and humiliation anyway. With our sweet media, we have the privilege to get the latest crunchy details on how for example the atmosphere was bad at News of the World, on how Murdoch protected Brooks, etc, all of which are NOT that important if you consider that a man was killed and that an intelligence operation was under way…and that it benefitted evidently somebody. Heeellllllooooo!!!! Somebody in the media doing its job? Do you need an expresso or something to wake you up? There is probably a Starbucks coffee shop around the corner. Why don’t you go there and buy something to stimulate your synapses. Because we, the people, need you, the media, to do your job. How can we assess the state of world affairs if you don’t do what you are supposed to do? Unless you are afraid of losing your own lives? In my case, when I started this blog, I made the decision that I would go to the end to defend my ideas, to the death if necessary. If you have not made the same decision, maybe journalism is not cut out for you. Serving coffee, at Starbucks for example, or in any other brand of your choice, might be something more appropriate.

Sean Hoare, News of the World whistleblower