Articles of interest from GermanyWatch website

It is becoming more and more important to watch out for Germany. The Phoenix of Nazi Germany or German Might is rising from the ashes, with all that it implies in terms of persecution of Jews, military invasion of countries, threats and blackmail, etc. I made a selection of relevant articles that you should read to get acquainted with the issues, if you are not already aware of them. Watch for Germany…before it watches over your grave.

Criticism of Germany is verboten!

German exports pushing debt crisis

More Nazis in German intel post-war

Witness to war crimes found dead

Democracy a threat to Germany

Nazi science

New German counter-espionage move

Post-war terrorism and Nazi money: the case of François Genoud

Siemens: Data mining or espionage?

WMD and Germany’s dirty secrets

MI-5 file on German post-war intelligence

Who is Ahmed Huber?