Lana Lokteff s’entretient avec Dimitra, traductrice de l’oeuvre de Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

Interview with Edward Dutton about the conquest of the world by low IQ Muslims, on Red Ice TV

Images on the invasion of Greece and Sweden’s No-Go Zones, on Red Ice TV

The first video features TV images and reportage related to the invasion of Greece by migrants sent by Turkey to attack Europe. The second video is a compilation of attacks made on people of European descent by migrants, refugees and immigrants of color in Sweden. These images show the future of our countries, our future. The newcomers will never respect us, simply because they are not immigrants but invaders, warriors sent to destroy our countries and exterminate the local population to take possession of the land and its resources. It’s time to wake up. Look at these images and see for yourself.

Conférence de presse conjointe d’Emmanuel Macron et de Donald Trump lors du sommet de l’OTAN

C’est la première fois depuis le début de son mandat qu’Emmanuel Macron a réellement l’air d’un Président de la République. De toute évidence, il s’agit de sa meilleure performance à date. Est-ce le signe qu’il commence à comprendre le message que lui envoient les milliers de patriotes et nationalistes français qui sont en colère, ça, seul le temps le dira. En tous cas, cela donne l’impression que nous faisons du progrès. Les Français ont besoin d’un Président qui défende leurs intérêts. Les trois grandes puissances que sont les États-Unis, la Russie et la Chine essaient de s’octroyer le pouvoir absolu sur la planète, c’est pourquoi la France doit parler d’une voix forte en ne s’abaissant devant personne. La France doit parler de sa propre voix dans le concert des nations.

Débat entre Eric Zemmour et François Asselineau

Voici un débat entre Eric Zemmour et François Asselineau qui s’est déroulé dernièrement. Ce qui est évident ici, c’est que Zemmour et Asselineau ont tous les deux raison. Le véritable combat des Français consiste à recouvrer leur souverainté ET à défendre leur identité française, occidentale et chrétienne dans un monde qui est en train de s’effondrer. Comme j’ai eu l’occasion de le dire souvent, les patriotes français doivent unir leurs forces au lieu de se chicaner continuellement pour des histoires de cuisine. Le peuple français doit proclamer sa souveraineté dans tous les domaines possibles, politique, culturel, économique, identitaire, religieux, racial et le reste. Il n’y a pas de compromis à faire avec ceux qui occupent l’Europe et qui s’attaquent à notre peuple. Nous sommes Français et c’est notre destin de faire rayonner notre culture partout sur la planète.

The rise of Black Power and anti-White racism

One of the things that worries me a lot is the rise of Black Power in the Western World. If you browse through social media, you will see numerous example of this. You will see short videos shot will cellphones showing groups of Black teenagers targeting with violence lonely individuals, the elderly, the disabled and even children sometimes. They engage in violent behavior when it’s not in full assault. In Hollywood, you see big production companies replacing White actors with Black ones to play the role of White characters. In politics, you see political parties pandering more and more to Black communities, to the point where you have the impression that the interests of the White majority no longer matters. In the job market, you see White employees being replaced by Black ones or by ones of another race. In sciences, history is being rewritten either to victimize Blacks or to glorify them. In the field of publicity, you see an endless stream of ads where a Black man is in a couple with a White woman, etc, etc. Our society is the target of an elaborate propaganda campaign meant to brainwash the population into believing that Whites don’t own what they have rightfully and that they occupy their land illegally. Whites have to pay reparations, they have to do this, to do that… To feed your reflection on the matter, I suggest two videos of Red Ice TV on this subject. The first is about the Black Panther movie and the second talks about the immense fraud that is going on in the fields of anthropology and history. Before I let you go, I have one question: According to you, what is the role played by the government of South Africa in the development of anti-White racism in America? To what degree are they responsible for encouraging the development of hate and racism towards Whites? The last video features a snippet of an interview with the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party of South Africa, Julius Malema, uttering again his famous statement: «we’ve not called for the killing of Whites, at least for now»…

Documentaire sur le voyage de parlementaires français en Crimée (mars 2019)

TV Libertés a réalisé ce documentaire sur le récent voyage en Crimée de parlementaires français, qui permettra j’espère de réaffirmer et de raffermir les relations entre la Russie et la France.

Interview with Jared Taylor on Red Ice TV

This interview was recorded just as Jared Taylor has been denied access to the Schengen zone a few days ago. The ban order apparently came from Poland, a country supposedly governed by patriots. Something is odd. Europe is becoming more and more totalitarian by the day and now it is impossible to know anymore where your enemies are.

Interview with Tom Rowsell about Indo-European civilization