La Chine antique et la merveilleuse cité d’Erlitou

Excellent documentaire sur l’histoire de la Chine antique. À l’image de la Russie, la Chine s’est constituée petit à petit par l’annexion successive de territoires avoisinants. C’est sans doute pour cela qu’elle portait le nom anciennement d « Empire du Milieu ». Une cité exceptionnelle ressort de l’histoire antique de Chine, Erlitou. L’architecture qui a été développée aurait servi de modèle pour construire le temple de la Cité Interdite. Aussi, sur le plan mythologique, les récits traditionnels racontent que les flots ont presque tout détruit sur la Terre voilà plusieurs milliers d’années. Un héros primordial nommé Yu le Grand aurait été capable, nous dit-on, de stopper les flots pour redémarrer la civilisation. Yu le Grand est le fondateur légendaire de la Dynastie Xia. Nous en savons peu sur la culture et la civilisation chinoises. Voici une occasion d’en apprendre un peu plus.

Cascada’s Pyromania: An ode to Gnosticism

This video by popular eurodance group Cascada presents the very essence of what can be labelled as « Gnosticism ». The title song « Pyromania » sets the scene: it’s all about loving the « fire ». As male dancers equipped with camera eye-like balloon heads move through flames, the lead singer of the band, Nathalie Horler, goes deeper into expressing this philosophy. With lines such as « something is creeping through my veins », « eyes can not see what’s underneath », « I’m gonna get the fire started », « the temperature is rising up », « caus’ I’m burning up », « I must confess a 1000 degrees bring out the beast inside of me », « it’s gonna melt your fears away », etc, the song clearly details all steps leading the ordinary man or woman onto the path toward illumination, Gnosticism-style. During other shots, Horler is seen rocking in a round-shaped jewel reminiscent of the Ouroboros, the eternal dragon or serpent that created the world. This dragon or snake bites its own tail, then describing a circle. The Ouroboros was a very important symbol in medieval hermetism or alchemy. It symbolizes the path toward illumination as a whole as nothing is permanent in this world. But energy is and it is the circulation and accumulation of energy that is the key to the illumination process. So that’s why all adherents to gnosticism must cease to ejaculate (for men at least). It allows for the energy to accumulate and concentrate then producing that « fire » that is described in this song.

A modern institution that is likely to encourage and/or sponsor this kind of message are the Rosicrucians. Similar groups exist that could have demanded or suggested that such a content be included into a popular piece of music. I don’t want to be interpreted as downplaying the intelligence or the capacity of this group of musicians to come up with that but I would be very surprised if they had by themselves without external influence. It looks like it was suggested to them. But by who? Evidently by somebody who would be likely to share these beliefs. Personally, I always felt attracted to alchemy but I always remained repulsed by the idea of stopping having sex. Maybe that’s why I never considered it seriously.