We Con the World: A song about these poor Palestinians who suffer so much…

Definitely the song of 2010… Following the Gaza Flotilla incident of 2010, a group of Israeli resistants recorded this song based on ‘We are the World’. Unfortunately, as Palestinians can’t understand good common sense, chances are we are going to sing it still for a long time.

Israel seizes German-owned cargo ship carrying weapons…from Iran

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Israel seized a cargo ship on March 14th in the Mediterranean sea, a few hundreds miles from the shores of the Gaza Strip. The ship was carrying Iranian weapons intended for Palestinian militants in Gaza. The ship set off from Syria, stopped in Turkey before heading toward Egypt. As a reminder, weapons are smuggled from Egypt to the Gaza Strip using a network of underground tunnels. Iran has denied involvement, as it was  to be expected. The incident follows earlier attempts from hostile Arab or Muslim countries to provide weapons to destabilizing or terrorist agents in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. The IHH-sponsored Gaza flotilla incident is a notorious example of that, which was a clear provocation from the part of Turkey.

What is really interesting though is the ownership of the vessel, German… Honestly, who could have guessed? The Third Reich is deploying more and more overt provocations toward Israel. The message is clear: be ready to be wiped out. The anti-Israel sentiment is growing around the world and especially in the Middle East and we can see the wolves and sharks getting closer as they smell the blood of Jews. Frankly, we are governed by psychopaths. If real good people were in charge of the Earth, we wouldn’t see things like that. As a result, the hatred of the Jews will continue as long as humans won’t decide themselves to put these psychopathic killers behind bars or six feet under. If we don’t do that, the human race is doomed for extinction. For more details on the Gaza flotilla and the general context surrounding their shipments, see as well a couple of posts by Dave Emory.




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The BBC caught pants down in the Gaza Flotilla incident coverage: deliberate anti-Israel bias

Yeah…German and Islamic control over western media is rampant. This is just another good example. This report the BBC made of the incident, which is by the way only representative of how it was treated globally in the western media, is a classic form of Israel basing. The Turkish flotilla crew in this report are portrayed as  being the victims and Israel as being the agressor, while it is the other way around! It is almost psychedelic. Wake-up folks. We are being manipulated.