Images on the invasion of Greece and Sweden’s No-Go Zones, on Red Ice TV

The first video features TV images and reportage related to the invasion of Greece by migrants sent by Turkey to attack Europe. The second video is a compilation of attacks made on people of European descent by migrants, refugees and immigrants of color in Sweden. These images show the future of our countries, our future. The newcomers will never respect us, simply because they are not immigrants but invaders, warriors sent to destroy our countries and exterminate the local population to take possession of the land and its resources. It’s time to wake up. Look at these images and see for yourself.

Poseidon comments on the intentional wrecking of Greece by the globalists, on Red Ice TV

Lyne Picknett on the Johannite Tradition, the Gospels and the Knights Templar

Joyeuses Pâques à tous! Happy Easter everyone!

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The Armenian genocide: A rehearsal for the holocaust of the Jews?

This documentary details and explains the Armenian genocide. The massacre of the Armenians began at the end of the 19th century. Between 1894 and 1896, roughly 200,000 Armenians were killed in battles between Armenian nationalists and armies of the Ottoman Empire. However, the Young Turks Party took power in Turkey in 1908 after the Sultan was removed and the conditions of the Armenians improved for a while. Then in 1912-13, Christian regions of the empire, namely in the Balkans, such as Greece, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, challenged militarily the Ottoman Empire to get their independance. And they succeeded. Thousands of Muslim Turk refugees gathered at Istanbul as a result, thus creating tensions between Christians and Muslims. In 1913, a radical wing of the Young Turks Party, the Commitee of Union and Progress, formed as a coalition featuring three prominent leaders: TanЯT, who would become Minister of the Interior, EHBep who would become Minister of Defence and AҖaman, who would become Minister of the Navy. They embraced an ideology of Turkish nationalism. EHBep wanted especially to join Germany with its war against the Russians and then seize the occasion to conquer the Caucasus and Central Asia to be able to unite all the Turks in a Grand Turkey.

Some Armenians chose to fight on the side of Russia. In 1914, the Turks attacked the Russians and suffered a terrible defeat. Then the Turks disarmed the Armenian soldiers, in a move to neutralize them as possible collaborators with the Russians. Many were killed. On April 24th 1915, the Turkish government deported some 250 Armenian intellectuals to Constantinople where they were tortured or killed. Later, through « emergency executive legislations », the Turkish government undertook massive deportations of Armenians. Some one million people died as a result, either from hunger, sickness, extreme fatigue, dehydration, etc. Furthermore, the « Special Organization », a smaller group inside the CUP, were dedicated to the extermination of the Armenians. They formed mobile killing units. They recruited among criminals, the lumpenproletariat, Caucasian tribes, convicts and released prisoners, to stop Armenian convoys and murder their travellers.

A lot of people in the U.S. were aware that this massacre was happening and were publicly taking stands on the issue, such as Ezra Pound, Theodor Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, etc. The New York Times published tens of articles contemporary to the massacre. After the war, the Turkish military tribunal conducted a trial on the case and concluded that the Young Turks Party was responsible for the conception, organization and execution of the Armenian genocide. In absentia, TanЯT, EHBep and AҖaman were convicted and sentenced to death. Although they fled at the end of the war and went into hiding in neighbour countries, all three were killed within a few years, one after the other. To this day, the Turkish government still refuse to ackknowledge that such genocide took place. There is even a movement among the Turkish population and officials to openly denigrate its advocates. This amounts, in some respect, to holocaust denial. But, after all, for a nation that has been working hand in hand with Germany in both WWI and WWII, is it really surprising? For more information and to continue studying this crime against humanity, please visit this post and radio show by anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory, here:

Who still talks about the extermination of the Armenians?

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The TransCanada Corporation pipeline project: it’s way better to shed oil than blood

Yesterday’s Globe and Mail edition featured an article on oil spills that have happened recently in relation with the North American pipeline that is in the process of being completed. Among recent spills, we have had incidents in a Michigan river, a Chicago suburb, a small ranch and a forest in Alberta and now in North Dakota. As it was to be expected, many have expressed reservations in regards with the pipeline industry, doubting that the activity in itself is anything but secure. Elizabeth May of the Green Party took the opportunity to celebrate her victory in the last elections by presenting the known propaganda line of the Green movement and, after all, she has been elected to do just that. I don’t have a problem with it.

What I have a problem with is, again, the lack of long-term vision that affects a lot of Canadians when comes the time of studying and analysing a situation. Terrorism and Islamic civilization-jihadism is sponsored by oil producer countries, namely Arab and Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, states of the Gulf, Iran, possibly Pakistan, and others that we don’t know. What we are trying to do in America by constructing this pipeline is to become independent vis à vis these countries that sponsor terrorism and that use the oil supply to exert threats and blackmail on western countries. To give the example of Europe, it seems rather too late for them, if we are to judge on the fact that they have embraced the campaign of delegitimization of Israel put forward by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Being dependent on the oil coming from the countries of the OIC, the European Union has committed treason on their citizens by accepting that Europe would be progressively assimilated by Islam and its values. We can see it by the enormous amount of immigrants that pour in every year coming from Arab and Muslims countries. These immigrants are arabizing and islamizing Europe, and its leaders don’t do anything to counter that, because they are complicit. They have struck a deal with the OIC and they have to keep their end of the bargain. Is it what you would like to happen to North America, to have a bunch of mullahs and imams setting their agenda on us, to be able to islamize and assimilate our countries? Continuer la lecture

Israel seizes German-owned cargo ship carrying weapons…from Iran

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Israel seized a cargo ship on March 14th in the Mediterranean sea, a few hundreds miles from the shores of the Gaza Strip. The ship was carrying Iranian weapons intended for Palestinian militants in Gaza. The ship set off from Syria, stopped in Turkey before heading toward Egypt. As a reminder, weapons are smuggled from Egypt to the Gaza Strip using a network of underground tunnels. Iran has denied involvement, as it was  to be expected. The incident follows earlier attempts from hostile Arab or Muslim countries to provide weapons to destabilizing or terrorist agents in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. The IHH-sponsored Gaza flotilla incident is a notorious example of that, which was a clear provocation from the part of Turkey.

What is really interesting though is the ownership of the vessel, German… Honestly, who could have guessed? The Third Reich is deploying more and more overt provocations toward Israel. The message is clear: be ready to be wiped out. The anti-Israel sentiment is growing around the world and especially in the Middle East and we can see the wolves and sharks getting closer as they smell the blood of Jews. Frankly, we are governed by psychopaths. If real good people were in charge of the Earth, we wouldn’t see things like that. As a result, the hatred of the Jews will continue as long as humans won’t decide themselves to put these psychopathic killers behind bars or six feet under. If we don’t do that, the human race is doomed for extinction. For more details on the Gaza flotilla and the general context surrounding their shipments, see as well a couple of posts by Dave Emory.




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The BBC caught pants down in the Gaza Flotilla incident coverage: deliberate anti-Israel bias

Yeah…German and Islamic control over western media is rampant. This is just another good example. This report the BBC made of the incident, which is by the way only representative of how it was treated globally in the western media, is a classic form of Israel basing. The Turkish flotilla crew in this report are portrayed as  being the victims and Israel as being the agressor, while it is the other way around! It is almost psychedelic. Wake-up folks. We are being manipulated.