The Palestinian Wall of Lies: The truth about the Muslim Student Association

Israel seizes German-owned cargo ship carrying weapons…from Iran

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Israel seized a cargo ship on March 14th in the Mediterranean sea, a few hundreds miles from the shores of the Gaza Strip. The ship was carrying Iranian weapons intended for Palestinian militants in Gaza. The ship set off from Syria, stopped in Turkey before heading toward Egypt. As a reminder, weapons are smuggled from Egypt to the Gaza Strip using a network of underground tunnels. Iran has denied involvement, as it was  to be expected. The incident follows earlier attempts from hostile Arab or Muslim countries to provide weapons to destabilizing or terrorist agents in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. The IHH-sponsored Gaza flotilla incident is a notorious example of that, which was a clear provocation from the part of Turkey.

What is really interesting though is the ownership of the vessel, German… Honestly, who could have guessed? The Third Reich is deploying more and more overt provocations toward Israel. The message is clear: be ready to be wiped out. The anti-Israel sentiment is growing around the world and especially in the Middle East and we can see the wolves and sharks getting closer as they smell the blood of Jews. Frankly, we are governed by psychopaths. If real good people were in charge of the Earth, we wouldn’t see things like that. As a result, the hatred of the Jews will continue as long as humans won’t decide themselves to put these psychopathic killers behind bars or six feet under. If we don’t do that, the human race is doomed for extinction. For more details on the Gaza flotilla and the general context surrounding their shipments, see as well a couple of posts by Dave Emory.




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Welcome to the Itamar massacre or how violence in the Muslim world has become entertainment

Watch this video about the Itamar, an Israeli settling in the West Bank, massacre of last friday. Pictures are crude, terrible, ugly but they depict exactly the situation Jews and Israelis face around the world: unequivocal violence that receives a free pass. A group, we don’t know how many, of Palestinians enters a residence in Itamar. Then they proceed to massacre the resident couple and three of their six children, including a three-month old baby… The killing might have been claimed by Fatah members, it is not yet confirmed, belonging to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs sub-group. After the news of the killings, some Palestinians were seen celebrating in the Gaza Strip, serving baklavas to the population.  Stupid comments were made also by certain Palestinian authorities diminishing the importance of the event. Frankly, if you are not disgusted by all this, I don’t know what would make you react. And what is even more disgusting is the very small or even total absence of coverage of this news in the western media, considering the immense brouhaha any petty event involving violence or discomfort felt by Palestinians receives all year-long. Anti-semitism is making a very strong comeback, if it ever departed. Not only we can see it in terrible events like this but as well in the censorship this kind of news endure in the western media. The Third Reich and their Islamists proxy warriors controlling that media, it is no surprise if violence against Jews receives almost no coverage.

Israel is entitled to « occupy » the « Occupied Territories »

Watch this video where is explained why Israel is « occupying » Palestine and other lands. UN resolution 242 was adopted after the Six-Day War in 1967, when Egypt, Jordan and Syria attacked Israel. The resolution says that Israel has to leave the  lands occupied in these states during the war, i.e. the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights, following a negociated peace with the Arab countries. Because these ones refused to make such a peace, Israel continued its ‘occupation’. The use of the Jordan River Valley as a natural barrier is logical. Ce vidéo possède des sous-titres français.