Welcome to Islamaland…in France

You think that people who are trying to raise the issue of islamization are fearmongers, hate-speechers and right-wing conservatives? Well, think again… This scene caught in a bus in France should be enough to give you pause. No, it is not going on in Saudi Arabia, in Tunisia, in Lebanon or in any other muslim country. That’s France, Europe. Rome was sacked by barbarians in 410 A.D. History repeats itself all over again. In the 5th century, Europe and the Roman Empire imploded as the result of the invasion, sabotage and destruction of its society by Germanic tribes. This time, these tribes are composed of Arabs and/or Muslim people from the Middle East, sponsored by the Third Reich. Wake-up! Rise up and fight! It is preferable to die on our feet than to live on our knees!

This is a French translation from the Arabic that was made available by Bivouac-id website, a site dedicated to counter-jihad:

Ô Allah, faites de leurs enfants, des orphelins…Amen
Ô Allah, Dispersez leurs femmes et faites que leurs enfants soient des orphelins…Amen
Ô Allah, faites que la gloire de l’islam soit partout.
Ô Allah, donnez la gloire à nos frères opprimés en Palestine….Amen
Allah W Akbar… Allah W Akbar…il n y a de Dieu qu’Allah….et le sioniste et l’ennemi d’Allah.
Il n y a de Dieu qu’Allah….et le chahid (martyre) est l’aimé d’Allah.

It is a call to wage jihad against infidels, i.e. Jews and Christians, and to impose Islam everywhere on earth, a call to kill and destroy and liberate Palestine. Frankly, at this point, anyone who still thinks Islam is a good religion must get a health-check immediately.