The Economics of 9/11. When greed becomes high class virtue: social darwinism on the horizon

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Much has been said and discussed about the various hypotheses related to the engineering of 9/11, in terms of concrete, physical means. Controlled demolition, nano-thermites, beams of energy, wired buildings, etc, every possible lead has been explored, including the one of the official narrative. Because it entails a much deeper, complex set of evidence and pieces of information, I will discuss this aspect of the subject in a later post. However, for the moment, let’s be aware that very little has been said about the financial or economical dimensions of 9/11, which are in fact extremely important for the comprehension of what happened on that date.

As it is often the case, I rely for that matter on the research of the excellent anti-fascist radio host Dave Emory. To begin with, to set the scene, one thing that has to be cleared right away is that there are powerful elements in western society, including America, who are in business joint ventures with the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB, as an entity, has a corporate capitalism doctrine based on the teachings of Ibn Khaldun, a medieval Muslim philosopher. Because of that, members of this reactionary group have been identified as dignified business partners by these same elements of our society who advocate economic laissez-faire policies. In other terms, what we also call free market capitalism, or used to call fascism in the ’30s and ’40s, is now in league with Islamists to impose by force their economic and financial model over the world, at the expense evidently of local populations who only demand for democratic reforms, freedom of speech and respect of human rights. In that regard, the situation is comparable to what happened during WWII, when U.S. and other western corporations did business with Nazi Germany while U.S. and allied troops were dying on the battle field fighting against them.

Second, one has to remember that in countries such as Irak under Saddam Hussein or Syria and Egypt until recently, certain elements identifiable with socialism were included into the economic model. To a certain extent, the economies of these countries were state controlled, which gives another dimension to the war in Irak. The Underground Reich under the leadership of Martin Bormann and his buddies having not ceased to attack socialist or communist countries or regimes since the end of WWII, it is only logical that the last remnants of socialist economic models should be under attack by the forces of the Reich. After the collapse of the U.S.S.R., it was to be expected that such follow-up manoeuvres would occur. Right-wing reorientation of the political life in the United Kingdom under Thatcher and in the United States under Reagan were only rehearsals of what would happen elsewhere afterwards in a series of countries.

According to Dave Emory, and I share his opinion, it is the instability itself in the Middle East, envisioned and called by Zbigniew Brzezinski the « Ark of Crisis » , that is sought by all the machinations and social tensions put forward by transnational corporations, intelligence agencies and Islamist groups. Why? Because the instability drives up the price of oil, which is good for business, and that, in turn, operates a gigantic transfer of wealth in favour of the Bormann Capital Network, or if you prefer, the Third Reich. That transfer of wealth in the coming years is going to produce a form of social darwinism, by excluding a lot of humans from power structures and the middle class, and force them to live as beggars or homeless populations who will eventually die out of hunger, exposure or urban warfare.

Emory takes also the opportunity during this remarkable two-hour show to comment on the « Jewish lobby » hysteria that we hear so commonly these days and that is on the rise. With statistics to back it up, he shows that, in fact, the Saudis have a much greater control over the media than the Jews or Israel. Compared to the Saudis, Israel has no control whatsoever on the media. As an example, Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia possesses important shares in AOL/Time-Warner, in Newscorp and in ABC/Disney. Also, an important part of Saudi or Middle East oil wealth is reinvested into the American economy, in the education sector among other things, which gives these people the opportunity and power to buy out professors and professional opinion…and thus influence students in a way to have them advocate pro-Islamic or pro-Arab positions. You get eloquent examples of that when the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict arises. On campuses, angry and sometimes violent mobs organize protests and manifestations against Israel, where Jews are demonized and called all names possible. Calls to murder them are frequent, mostly in arabic I should say, if not always. We had a good demonstration of Middle East « reinvestment » of oil wealth in the education sector in Canada during the Concordia University riot of 2002, which was prepared in response to the invitation of Netanyahu by a group of Jewish students to be received as a speaker… When the Saudis mean business, they mean business…

Finally, Emory touches also the topic of the hydrogenation process, which allows for the transformation of coal into oil or into methanol. Now that prices have soared considerably, it becomes interesting again for oil corporations to venture with such a technology. I also join a blog post by Emory looking at a new element in the spread of the Bormann Capital Network octopus, and that is the development of the food sector and all the financial speculation around it. Because oil prices have increased considerably over the years and that they will continue to do so for a certain period of times, food prices will increase as well, which in turn will put more people on the streets, begging for food, for a place to sleep, etc. Social darwinism will be implemented de facto using the simplest and easiest method: deprivation of food. Survival of the fittest will be enforced and only the richest and the strongest will be able to prevail.

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