Yuri Bezmenov: The science of destabilization and subversion

This conference by Yuri Bezmenov, alias Tomas Schuman, is a terrific presentation on the nature and mechanics of subversion. A defector from the ex-Soviet Union, Bezmenov worked for the KGB as a propaganda expert before passing to the West. As 85% of all KGB efforts were directed not at spying per se but rather at distracting western society in order to subvert and destroy it, this presentation is worth viewing again. Bezmenov begins his speech by reminding us about Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese general who has authored the tremendously important The Art of War, a book on military strategy. The point of reminding us about this is obvious: all the signs that our western society is being the target of one or of several destabilization operations by foreign and domestic forces are evident. That’s why we need to focus our attention on the specifics of how a subversion operation works.

Bezmenov presents the stages of such operations as follows:

1-Demoralization, during which the different components of a society are infiltrated and then hijacked to take them away from their initial mission. Artificial bodies of bureaucrats come to replace the citizens;

2-Destabilization, during which the process of subversion began in step 1 increases in intensity and means;

3- Crisis, during which a society inevitably faces either civil war or invasion by foreign forces;

4- Normalisation finally, during which all activists and « revolutionaries » who got involved in social change and uprisings are eliminated by the new power elite. Bezmenov gives several examples of communist revolutions where early backers and actors of the revolution have been killed once the situation has settled. Continuer la lecture

The last day of the Soviet Union or the hunting party coup d’état

Relive the last day of the Soviet Union, on December 8th 1991. On that famous day, Stanislav Shushkevich, Head of the Supreme Council of Belarus, Leonid Kravchuk, President of Ukraine and Boris Eltsine, President of Soviet Russia, held a secret meeting at the Viskuli Residence in Belavezha Forest, Belarus. There, they decided the fate of the Soviet Union, in only 24 hours. Mikhail Gorbatchev, who was in Moscow, was unable to prevent it, due apparently to his liberal character or weak position. The three men created a Commonwealth of Independent States to replace the previous structure. The documentary presents the tense hours in which that meeting was conducted and also the most important facts that paved the way for the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. in the months prior.

The Last Day of the Soviet Union

While everyone is preoccupied by Syria and Libya…China is reversing back to full communism

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Totalitarian ideologies are similar to cockroaches or rats: when you think that you got rid of them, they always come back. Come on, admit it. You thought that communism was defeated, right? Oh, so because the U.S.S.R. had collapsed and with it the Eastern Block, you thought that communism/socialism was over? Do you realize how much you were naive? Ok, listen. I don’t want to be too harsh on you. I know that the clues in sight seemed to indicate that it was the case. But as you can see, it will be a long road before we finally finish the job against communism.

In effect, after a few years during which China seemed to have opened its political and economical systems to allow for free enterprise and western-like initiatives, the country is in a process of returning back to the old communist ways, the ones inspired by Mao. China was never a part of the Eastern Block, they had their own version of communism that allowed them to survive the crash of 1989-1990 when the Berlin Wall came down and the U.S.S.R. broke into pieces. But recently, the dragon of communism made its way back to the hearts of the Chinese and convinced them that it was time to revert to what made Mao’s pride. And so, the “five noes” have been reaffirmed at the National People’s Congress. They lay the path for the years to come and will determine China’s both domestic and foreign policy: « No multi-party elections, no diversity in guiding thought, no separation of powers, no federal system and no privatization ».

With nazism that has gone underground after WWII and that has been active ever since behind the scenes to sabotage our world, with Islamism on the rise and trying to replace western civilization as the dominating system, and now with the revival of communism in China adding more weight and credibility to the socialist-inclined version of Islam put forward by Iran and its Hezbollah spearhead in Lebanon and Syria, you see that we have a lot of job on our hands. It is not a time to be weak. It is a time to be strong. If we don’t resist and fight back, we are going to be assimilated and/or destroyed by one or all of these totalitarian ideologies. It is time to make a stand for democracy, for freedom and for humanity. Resist before it is too late!

For a french interview on the same subject with a specialist of China, Loïc Tassé, click here.

Patricia Adams – Nationalizing China

The seastedding movement and Star Trek: « The Next Generation » of fascists sails offshore

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This last show of Dave Emory’s For The Record looks at the seastedding movement, a new trend in fascist ideology that seeks to create independent « cities » offshore, i.e. outside any country’s jurisdiction, in gigantic seaships as big as aircraft carriers. Individuals such as Patri Friedman, grandson of fascist economist Milton Friedman, and Peter Thiel, co-founder of Pay-Pal, support this movement that intersects, among other elements of the corporate community, with the Koch Brothers, the Carlyle Group and Palantir firm. « Charter Cities » is another variation of this scheme in which control of particular cities will be turned over to corporations. Henry Ford, one of Adolf Hitler’s early backers and main source of inspiration, tried such an experiment with the city of « Forlandia » in Brazil, which failed.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seems to have been working behind the scenes to implement a local mixture of seastedding in his own state. Applying the basic principals of Shock Doctrine, he recently submitted a budget for the State of Michigan that is expected to cut financial aid to cities and towns. As a result, evidently, much of those cities will end up in difficult financial situation. By pure « coincidence », Snyder is also pushing a bill that would give him and his administration the power to declare certain towns and cities in a state of financial « emergency ». The bill specifies that the Governor will then be in a legal position to appoint a kind of « czar » figure to manage the « crisis » for a particular town and that that czar will have the power to do virtually anything, including to terminate collective bargain agreements or any other contracts and to dismiss elected officials. In the end, the management of these towns in « crisis » will be turned over to corporations that will have the power to even terminate them at will. Continuer la lecture

Nigel Farage in Germany warning its people about the totalitarian nature of the EU

The excellent Nigel Farage is back at the plate. In this conference, cut in three parts for Youtube, Farage explains to the public what has to be understood about the European Union. First, it is not democratic. On the contrary, it is totalitarian in nature. Each of its country members has to surrender its sovereignty to the EU Parliament in Brussels. Laws that affect the millions of Europeans are passed by non-elected bureaucrats instead of being voted and passed by legitimate and duly elected representatives of each European country. Second, it is a failure, besides of the political one, both financially and economically, that leads countries to collapse and be bankrupt, to benefit Germany in the end. This way, willingly or unwillingly, Germany is taking over the economy of every bankrupt country of the Union and, according to Farage, the day is not far when all economic decisions will be made in Brussels. He also points out that the people who created the EU were not democrats. They were some sort of totalitarian schemers.

Well…if we look at what the EU is, politically, economically, financially, if we look at its symbols, etc, it reminds me of the Roman Empire. The logo makes one think to that image of the Book of Revelation about the « woman with twelve stars » above her head, or something like that. We can note as well that this symbolism is close to the one of the UN, anyway. It goes along the same lines. Continuity in thought? Also, we can all see on the map that the EU covers roughly the same territory as the one envisioned by Adolf Hitler for its Greater Germany. Just a coincidence? To make a long story short, I think there are powerful forces at work to turn Europe and each of its democratic countries into a unified totalitarian regime, fabricated with elements taken out of both communism and fascism. That’s probably why the EU is opening its doors so widely to welcome Jew-hating reactionary Muslims. They are pouring in by the millions to turn Europe into its medieval barbarism. Elements within post-war nazism and post-U.S.S.R. socialism have been busy behind the scenes to prepare for the destruction of Europe, and now they are inviting their « guests of honor », the Muslim bigots, to join in and help them with their enterprise. Continuer la lecture

The Economics of 9/11. When greed becomes high class virtue: social darwinism on the horizon

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Much has been said and discussed about the various hypotheses related to the engineering of 9/11, in terms of concrete, physical means. Controlled demolition, nano-thermites, beams of energy, wired buildings, etc, every possible lead has been explored, including the one of the official narrative. Because it entails a much deeper, complex set of evidence and pieces of information, I will discuss this aspect of the subject in a later post. However, for the moment, let’s be aware that very little has been said about the financial or economical dimensions of 9/11, which are in fact extremely important for the comprehension of what happened on that date.

As it is often the case, I rely for that matter on the research of the excellent anti-fascist radio host Dave Emory. To begin with, to set the scene, one thing that has to be cleared right away is that there are powerful elements in western society, including America, who are in business joint ventures with the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB, as an entity, has a corporate capitalism doctrine based on the teachings of Ibn Khaldun, a medieval Muslim philosopher. Because of that, members of this reactionary group have been identified as dignified business partners by these same elements of our society who advocate economic laissez-faire policies. In other terms, what we also call free market capitalism, or used to call fascism in the ’30s and ’40s, is now in league with Islamists to impose by force their economic and financial model over the world, at the expense evidently of local populations who only demand for democratic reforms, freedom of speech and respect of human rights. In that regard, the situation is comparable to what happened during WWII, when U.S. and other western corporations did business with Nazi Germany while U.S. and allied troops were dying on the battle field fighting against them. Continuer la lecture